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We've updated our homestead map and have created a more detailed house plan for our sustainable home. Whenever possible we plan to take advantage of passive heating and passive ventilation techniques. Warm air radiated by the greenhouse floor and planters will naturally move upward from the solarium, through vents and into our living space.
We are still in the planning and research phase, though we'd know we would eventually like to have a catch pond and orchard on our homestead.

The development of micro climates also interests us and we plan to experiment with climate design as we create our orchard. Once the junipers have been removed we plan to replant trees that will produce food for consumption by humans or farm animals. In this version of the plan the barn is designed in such a way as to be easily built in phases. Mel's studio will also be connected to a solar evaporator that is designed to handle water that is contaminated with paint, metal, or chemicals.

For more information on homestead utilities and to read more about our sustainable homesteading plan, click here. However, we believe that the bi-level floor plan in conjunction with strategically placed vents will allow us to utilize passive technology to meet our primary heating and venting needs.

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