Gloss woodwork or paint walls first, wood bench vise parts - Plans Download

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For great painted woodwork, good surface preparation and good brushing technique are essential.
Many pros still rely solely on oil-based paints because they dry slowly and allow brush marks to flatten out. A coat of paint won't fill or hide cracks, chips and other surface defects, and it won't smooth an existing rough surface.
Brush marks in the old paint are particularly annoying and have to be sanded out, not filled. East Coast Painting Group, Inc., premier home painting contractor , is happy to provide a free estimate for your interior or exterior residential painting project, develop a program of regular paint maintenance to safeguard your investment in your home—or both, at prices you can afford.
In addition to one-time interior and exterior home painting, we can help you with the ongoing task of maintaining your home’s appearance and value. Siding, trim, windows, shutters, door, front and back rail system painted in custom colors.

Walls painted with custom colors, painted ceiling and all trimwork painted with semi-gloss enamel. To discuss your next interior or exterior residential painting project in New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania (Bucks County or the Lehigh Valley), or New York’s Hudson Valley (Orange, Putnam, Rockland or Westchester counties), contact us today. We'll show you how to accomplish both plus what to add to the paint to help it lie smoother. If your home was built before 1977, the year lead paint was banned, call your local public health department and ask about paint testing details and safe scraping, sanding and cleaning techniques. We’ll assess your paint maintenance needs, identify existing or potential issues, prepare a detailed description, and develop a program of regular paint maintenance to address those issues before serious, costly damage occurs.
You can trust East Coast Painting Group’s painting crew to adhere to your schedules, minimize disruptions during the painting process, and complete your project on time and at budget.
Our step-by-step instructions and how-to photos will walk you through the prep work, then show you how to apply a durable, attractive finish that will improve the look of any room in your home.

Finally, lightly sand the entire surface with the 180-grit paper to ensure that the new paint will stick. This will smooth out previous brush marks and scuff the surface to help the new coat of paint stick. We’ll also store complete records of paints and colors used in our proprietary data base for future reference.

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