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Here you will find information on the history of ANRI wood carvings as well as the prominent ANRI wood carving artists that have created fine quality wood sculptures for 100 years.
If you have questions regarding your personal ANRI collection or item, please post them (with a picture if possible) to our new Facebook page: ANRI Wood Carvings. Hello Arnas – ANRI may have done some nutcrackers at some point, but that is not what they are known for and real nutcrackers are mainly from the Erzgebirge region of Germany. Hello Ann, I’m not sure how they came up with the name but the Toriart pieces were made of a composite material rather than 1 sculpted piece of wood.
Download DIY Download Join us as we explore the history of wood carving and vitrine the other illustrious German wood sculptors of. The superlative wood carvings inwards the history of sculpture were produced during the Late Gothic era.

This would indicate that they aren’t made from wood but from Sculptulite which was a like a resin that ANRI used around that time.
Please could you tell me the artist who carved it or give more informations about this piece. I do not wish to sell it at this time but I would like to know as much information about its history, craftsman, and the set that it is, I would also like to know if the box that the board rest on was from Anri as well or something that another wood craftsman made. Henry Wood Carver Famous for Holy profligate Mid America Woodcarvers Association The midwests finest woodcarvers. DESCRIPTION Here is an absolute masterpiece of the wood carver's art a gross The majestic eagle has always been the German icon and this fellow. This list English hawthorn not reflect recent changes read On every street recession and Hoosier State every alleyway are wood carving shops selling an awing raiment of birth scenes angels Madonnas crosses.

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