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Finding a still picture of Norm's shop is not easy, but I was able to find this shot taken a few years back. It started out as just a big, fun hobby shop garage and gradually transitioned into a mechanical mental therapy room.
Tools: When I worked as a commissioned mechanic in bike shops, we had a Snap-On dealer that stopped by every week.
Anyway, that’s how my garage works and if it works as planned you’ll get some ideas or provide some of your own. Now if you took that place, turned it over, and shook, it would still look better than my garage. My problem is that my better half believes that the garage is where we (actually, just her) store the stuff that she doesn’t want to look at inside the house anymore. I learned long ago that I’m much better off spending time with my family than organizing my garage.
All my storage is metal shelving I scored when a previous employer cleaned out the print shop. As the fortunate to own one of Richard’s creations, I can say that the obvious thought, planning and practical execution of his garage layout is certainly reflected in the product of his labor.

Scott S, one thing I was hoping to show with this story and pictures is not how cool I think my garage is, but more what you can do with a typical 2-car garage in Suburbia or a shed in Backwoods-City over time using your imagination. I’m using second hand lateral file cabinets to hold garage stuff like parts and tools.
I do metal polishing (aluminum, stainless, titanium, etc) and other surface treatments for local hotrod, bike shops, and invidual owners. It has hundreds of glossy photos of garage layouts, tool set-ups, compressors, bike and car lifts, windows, heaters, fans, shelving, sucker systems (for exhaust evac), hoists and actual foundation and wall construction, and most of all, displays of mechanical collections.
The garage that was originally intended strictly for male things like motorcycles and cars slowly fills with things like flower pots. A hardwood bench was a gift from the local bicycle shop to which I added some drawers made from recycled pallets.
I am trying to get my own space after 30 years of being a home owner and forty years of twisting wrenches in other peoples shops for a living. Cans of paint go in the top two levels, which have doors that open upward like a garage overhead door. When we were finally ready to buy a house, my wife wanted her own good sized kitchen and I wanted a two car garage.

The way I’ve always seen it done is you tell them you want Garage Life and they order a subscription for you. The plastic tubs that you can buy everywhere these days (with the folding interlocking lids) are perfect for all that unsightly, floppy garage crap that wives insist on collecting. A guard around the drill press keeps the chip from flying all over the room and getting into motors or areas of the shop you want to keep clean. So with the purchase of our first and only house, I began work setting up the garage of my dreams. I’ve worked in and seen shops that I’ve envied, gotten ideas from, thought I could improve on or wished I’d never visited.
Sometimes I’ll bring stuff back into the garage to make sure it gets into work or to remind me of something I need to do.
I used to have a big bead-blasting cabinet, but that got way too messy around the other “clean” things I try to do in the garage.

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