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CHICKENS FEED is a popular item made mostly in Czechoslovakia but this may be the only plan.
PEDALING CIRCUS BEARS Momma bear's legs pump up and down as she peddles a unicycle over a stretched string. NOTCHED DOWEL AND PROPELLER Boy scouts and other outdoor folks have made this curious device for many decades. SPACE SHIP AND BOMB  This 1930's science fiction space ship was inspired by a tiny plastic cereal box top premium.

BALANCING CLOWN AND ELEPHANT A clown attached to an arched balance beam stands atop an elephant's trunk. Woodworking – tools, techniques and free tutorials, Get free woodworking tutorials for beginner to advanced woodworkers. Super shed plans, 15,000 professional grade shed and, Attention: all woodworkers visiting our shed plans site!
Kids loved to tie weights to a handkerchief and toss the bundle into the air to have it unfold and float to earth.

A wood clown with two faces tumbles with an unusual cadence to click-clack down a double notched staircase.
Bystanders can ask yes questions (clockwise) or no questions (counterclockwise) for an answer and not know how the propeller knows.

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