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It may even lead you to believe that some governing body regulates this particular product that you are looking to buy, and certifies it as safe for use in food. When it’s used in the labeling of essential oils, you may think that this oil must be safe to ingest, and since there are no instructions on what is a safe limit of ingestion, you may assume that there is no toxic limit. In this article, I will attempt to clear up some of the misconceptions surrounding this term as it is used in the essential oil industry. Firstly, it’s important to understand that there is no official grading system for essential oils in the industry. GRAS is a list of types of essential oils and extractives that are generally recognized across the board as being safe for use as a food additive. However, the internal use of essential oils for therapeutic or culinary applications requires more care than a lot of people new to essential oils realize.
Armed with the information that no essential oil is regulated, nor do they undergo required testing for safety of internal use, we must be especially careful in choosing how to use essential oils in our home and on our bodies. Remember, there is no regulation of safe amounts of essential oil use in any form or application. Although modern multi-level marketing companies are casual about the internal use of essential oils, it is wise to carefully consider all the factors involved before using essential oils internally. We must remember that just because essential oils come from a natural source, does not mean that they can be used without side effects or risks. They need a lot of love to keep in good shape in the kitchen as food acidity will easily stain the carbon steel.

This Medical, Pharmaceutical and Food Grade, Mineral Oil is food safe for use on chopping boards, bread boards, salad bowls, and all wooden food utensils where you want a natural and safe finish for raw timber. Because of its properties that prevent water absorption, combined with its lack of flavour and odour, this food grade mineral oil, is an ideal preservative for wooden food utensils, butchers blocks, chopping boards, bread boards, salad bowls, wooden spoons, etc.
Rubbing a small amount of mineral oil into wooden kitchen items periodically will prevent absorption of food odors and ease cleaning, as well as maintain the integrity of the wood, which is otherwise subjected to repeated wetting and drying in the course of use. PLEASE NOTE: This oil has no fragrance and will not taint or change the taste of food the way some other oils may. RUBBING OUT A FINISH Use this oil for wet sanding a finish prior to rubbing out a finish, instead of water which will allow the abrasive to cut too quickly.
FRENCH POLISHING Use this oil when French polishing as the lubricant for your polishing pad. My goal is to help families like yours make educated decisions about the products that you buy, and keep your family safe. These statements many times lead consumers to believe things about the company’s oils that are not true.
Essential oils are highly concentrated, and many associated risks exist when taking essential oils internally without being properly educated or without being under the care of a properly trained practitioner. Additionally, using essential oils for flavoring in food is not equivalent to baking flavors. It will not go rancid and does not contain lead driers, wax, polyurethane, tung oil or any other pollutants as some others oils.

Using this oil will slow down the cutting process and make it easier to get a great, even, result, without as much fear of cutting back through the surface of the finish.
Because it is a non drying oil it can be left on the surface for a long period of time and will not skin on the surface like linseed which is traditionally used for this process. This oil can also be used as a coating on metal tools, as it is an excellent way to inhibit oxidation.
This oil can also be used to clean heavier oil stains by diluting and liquefying the other oils, rendering the oils more easily washed away with detergents.
This oil is also the recommended oil for use with our Hard Shellac as it works much better than any others. Many times I hear out of the mouths of sales reps “no essential oil compares to ours.
When mixed with 1% oil of cloves oil it is used by Japanese sword makers to protect the sword blades. The truth is, there are many quality essential oil companies out there, a good majority of them are not pushy about sales and do not tout that they are superior, yet do give plenty of information as to their quality as well as plenty of information about safety and what their terms mean. I just challenge anyone interested in essential oils to do their research and look for a company they feel they can fully trust.

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