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I absolutely hate my plastic sawhorses, but for my DIY needs and space-tight apartment living, the ability to fold flat is more important than a high weight capacity. These sawhorses fold flat when not in use, while still maintaining the qualities you appreciate in conventional sawhorse.
About a year or so ago during some project or other I decided I had the need for sawhorses.
And then I found a great little post that not only tells you how to build a sawhorse but WHY!
After looking at a bunch of tutorials and reading about sawhorses, I realized that a good sawhorse is a perfect expression of unDesign. The Ordinary-The sawhorse is one of those forms that is so ordinary you might not give one a second glance. History-Ask any carpenter… You will hardly find a more beloved piece of equipment than the trusty old sawhorse. Simplicity-A perfectly good sawhorse can be built with found materials and simple hand tools.

I simply placed the piece as low as it would go on the leg and drew a line to scribe where I’d need to cut the angle so that it would fit between the legs.
Here’s how the side supports also work like shelves to hold wood in a vertical orientation. To help you make the most of your limited work area, the editors at WOOD have designed and built several shop projects that fold-up when you're done using them. I went over to Harbor Freight to check out what they had and came home with some metal and wood ones that fold up for easy storage. I know it’s lofty thinking for something as simple as a pair of sawhorses, but we like to think big. It’s important to make sure the top of the leg sits below the top of the sawhorse so that the T beam will get all the weight of whatever I put on top. They’ll give some more structural support to the structure and act as a shelf so that I can sit plywood on  the sawhorse in a vertical fashion should I need to. My father made saw horses once about 20 years ago, without the help of the internet or plans of any sort.

What I found was a heavy collapsible metal sawhorse, a clumsy sheet metal model, unsatisfactory sawhorse brackets, and many flimsy, plastic sawhorses. I determined that I should place the top of the leg one inch below the top of the T beam to make sure. Regardless of your carpentry skills you can make a perfectly functional and useful sawhorse.
Some sawhorses are built on the job site using scrap materials and some use complex wood joinery and show the pride and skill of a master craftsman. No need to measure as you can just hold them in place and draw a line where you need to cut.

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