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News & BlogsTypes of Wood FinishesWhether you are remodeling your home, treating your floors, or refurbishing an old dresser, wood looks more beautiful and well-cared-for when you apply a finish.
Because natural finishes often soak into the wood grain, they can be difficult to remove, so consider your purpose and alternatives before applying. Use as a finish or coat with varnish for extra durability and apply to bare wood to achieve the truest color possible. If you are looking for a finish that protects your wood and the surface beneath, consider varnish, a transparent or colored decorative and preservative finish that both draws attention to your wood and protects what’s underneath.
Weatherall UV Guard® Exterior Wood Finish is an exterior acrylic wood finish that contains highly advanced UV absorbers and stabilizers. Stringent testing during which Weatherall UV Guard was subjected to high levels of sunlight, moisture and temperature extremes proved that Weatherall UV Guard Exterior Wood Finish lasted longer and provided greater protection than major competitors.

Finishes also help to preserve your wood and reduce the appearance of scratches and natural imperfections. The following are common types of wood finishes and the best choices for different types of projects. Linseed oil and beeswax are common green finishes, and the lesser-known safflower oil and carnauba wax work equally well.
Also, consider that the protection provided by natural finishes can vary, so be sure to use a formula suitable for interior or exterior surfaces, depending on your project. Treatments of this kind can darken or color wood, and you can purchase matte or glossy, water-based or oil-based types, depending on your needs and desired appearance.
If your wood floors or furniture have been damaged by flood, a restoration specialist may suggest treating the wood with a finish after it has been dried out and cleared of mold and mildew.

These unique and effective additives give greater protection and longevity to wood surfaces that are continuously exposed to the harmful and destructive ultraviolet rays of the sun.
If using an environmentally-friendly finish is important to you, water-based varnishes are just as effective and almost as environmentally sound.
Consider all of your options before choosing a finish, as each can reveal the beauty of your wood in different ways.
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