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Greene & Greene isn't a style of furniture that normally comes to mind when one thinks of a tool chest. And finally, I am glad that you think that it's okay for me to make a fine box to hold paints for my sister, but offended that you somehow think it's not okay for Gregg to make a fine chest to hold tools for himself. So, for the next challenge, I hope that you folks will post photos of your own work (by July 27), comment on your favorite pieces, and then vote on the finalists to choose the winner. Dave Abramoff added a bit of flair to his tool storage with elements from this signature style while taking an Introduction to Woodworking class.

Meanwhile there will be a complete ban on other timbers because of rainforest destruction, as Henning comments.
But what you will never know or understand is that each juror and the challenge itself has a very important subjective component. I loved the tool chest and know full well that a cheap metal cabinet from Sears would hold tools just fine. But, next time it’s on you folks, so I do hope that you’ll comment, vote, and post photos of your own.

These are complete, online courses taught by some of the best woodworkers in the country, and include companion articles, project plans, and step-by-step video instruction. Many comments have claimed some special status for this winner as art and to the degree that it portrays the useless excess of western society it could be seen as art but better artists also try to model the future in their work, to lead viewers to an understanding of how the world needs to be in the future or at least to recognise more clearly the faults in a conventional view of the present.

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