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See Table of Contents for further available material (downloadable resources) on Wood Carving Examples Of Carvings. An excellent, and common, example is that found on most bench vises where the mating part of the screw mechanism can be moved away from the tightening screw by a lever next to the handle of the vise, thus allowing the jaws to be moved in and out freely.
In woodworking, this may refer to the angle at which the leading edge of the teeth are cut on a saw blade or the angle of a roof line from horizontal or the angle between the cutting edge of a chisel and the workpiece. As regards woodworking, it means, depending on context, Wood that is difficult to dry, hard to impregnate with preservatives, difficult to machine, and so forth.

This makes for much cleaner cutting than simply pushing the tool along straight which may tend to tear the grain.
There are tons of different combinations of arrangement of rails, stiles, and panels, and what you see below is just one example of many. Quartercutting is a more difficult technique than through and through cutting but less difficult than full quartersawn cutting. Quartercutting is used because it produces more quartersawn planks than other commercially viable methods of cutting but it has the significant drawback that it produces smaller and smaller width planks.

Other cutting technique (such as through and through or quarter cutting) will produce a small number of quartersawn planks along with more planks that are rift cut or flat cut.

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