Easy wood tools finisher, cabinet case construction - Try Out

Categories: Wooden Work Bench | Author: admin 08.10.2013

Proportioned in between their full and mini size finishers this mid-range tool is an excellent choice for inside curves and finish cuts on medium sized projects.
Like the other Easy tools, the Easy Finishers are designed to be used with the tool rest set so that when the tool is held level the top of the cutter is on center.

The design of this tool allows the Easy Finisher to effortlessly cut from the center of a bowl out to the rim OR from the rim to the center!
You just stand in one spot and cut coming and going until you get to the shape you want.The Easy Finisher utilizes the same carbide cutter technology as the Easy Rougher that reduces strain and fatigue, improves productivity, and virtually eliminates sharpening.

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