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Bottom row: Wood dye stain is shown on Plain Red Oak boards containing 5 grams of Keda wood dye to 32 oz. Oh Didier, when you first asked us to dye Quilted Maple black, we must confess that a brief shudder ran down our spines. The top row wood dye stain samples are not sealed, and are made just to show a highly concentrated general color of each wood dye color that is offered in this hybrid wood dye kit.
If a designer hands you a random piece of wood that’s been sitting in a window for 15 years and asks if you can match it, you can. Bleaching once or more before dyeing can strip the natural color of the wood away, adding yet another method to create another look for the same wood floor.

When the wood dye is diluted with higher liquid to dye ratios, and sealed they are much more transparent as shown in the bottom row samples. And because dyes color the wood without obscuring the grain, they have a different, more natural look when compared with a typical oil-modified stain, say contractors who use them.Aniline dyes were used with and without bleach to color the pieces of this whimsical garden inlaid into a field of maple. Although some contractors successfully use household bleach, most recommend using an actual wood bleach, which comes in two parts.
Click on an image below to see a larger photo, or click buy wood dye to order your Keda Wood Dye kit. The people dying the floor can then dye one section, walk in the next, dye the next and so on so they are dyeing every other row at one time.

Some people also think that popping the grain and applying the dye before the wood has completely dried from the water-popping makes the floor take the dye more evenly.
Be sure to test the finish first, as some of those products may reactivate some dyes.Very frequently, before any finish goes on the floor, contractors choose to use a traditional wood floor stain, neutral or otherwise, directly over the dye.

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