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The DeWALT DW735 is not the new kid on the block when it comes to portable thickness planers but its reputation as a heavy duty planer, loaded with features is legendary in the portable thickness planer category and for very good reason. Another optional accessory I opted for was the DeWALT DW7351, 13″ folding planer tables.
The mobile thickness planer stand and the optional folding planer tables can be purchased separately but I have seen some retailers package either optional accessory along with the planer.
Using the speed selection switch to change from quicker stock removal in the #2 dimensioning speed position (96 cuts per inch) to the #1 finishing speed position (179 cuts per in) is always done while the planer is running and it’s a smooth transition from one speed to another. This entry was posted in TOOL REVIEWS and tagged DeWalt, portable planer, thickness planer.
The DeWALT DW735 is not the least expensive portable thickness planer on the market today but when it comes to the purchase of woodworking machinery I’ve always said, “You don’t get what you don’t pay for”.

Recently I wrote a tool review concerning my favorite portable thickness planer, the DeWalt DW735. If you’re interested in purchasing a portable thickness planer or if you want to know more about this planer, I encourage you to read the review . I opted to mount my planer on the DeWALT DW7350 Mobile Thickness Planer Stand an optional extra but it certainly makes it easy to move the planer around my workshop.
Adjusting the tables so they were in the same plane as the planer bed was neither time consuming or difficult using a machined straightedge and the four adjustment screws that are located on both the in- feed and out-feed tables.
Everything that needs to be within reach or sight while planing or prior to planing is where it should be. This system includes the cutter-head dust shroud and a powerful blower driven by the planer’s motor.

In use, the mobile stand proves its worth with it’s easy to move three wheel base and when the single pivoting wheel is disengaged, the planer stand is rock solid under heavy loads. Another bonus to the chip ejection system is its ability to reduce the planer shavings that come off the cutter-head into much smaller pieces before exiting the planer.

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