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All duplicators arenot created equalRead our buying guideand become aneducated consumerA SLOWFRUSTRATING TOOLIS NO BARGAIN! If your business or craft has a need for accurate duplicates in wood, this copy carver will revolutionize your work. The Gemini Gunstock Carver is a specialized model of the Gemini Universal Carver custom designed with a rotary fixture for quick and accurate duplicates of gun stocks. The ability to develop instruments with an arched top or other raised and or contoured profiles is facilitated by having a machine to duplicate a master pattern.

The Gemini carving machine creates a precise duplicate piece requiring only minor sanding to prepare the wood for finishing. A duplicator could also preform functions that an overhead router, or a router using a template would preform ie: routing pickup cavities or an electronics cavity. The CNC machines share a common function with a wood duplicator in the ability to move on an x,y,z axis and as such I borrowed some design inspiration from them as well. My design is similar to the ones I found on the net with the exception that several of the home built machines viewed on the web used wood in place of metal which I think is probably OK-- it was just my preference to use metal as I thought it may have a slight advantage in stability and accuracy.

VXB is an online supplier of linear bearings, shafts, shaft supports and is probably the best and cheapest source for building the needed linear motion components of a duplicator.

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