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The drum was originally sized to fit a standard sheet of paper with enough overlap for clamping. To create the wedge shaped groove to hold the sandpaper I whipped up a quick upside-down U-shaped sled and hot glued the blank to it.
TableFrom the beginning I had misgivings about the design of the height adjuster in regards to keeping the table parallel to the drum under load. Truing the DrumOnce you have everything ready the drum needs to be made perfectly round and parallel to the table. For flattening and smoothing wide panels, as well as reducing stock thickness without grain tear-out, you just can't--ahem--beat a drum sander. Although considered a luxury item by many, a drum sander proves invaluable for working with wide panels or figured wood. Closed-ended machines, such as Grizzly's G0459 and its near-twin Shop Fox W1740, can't sand anything wider than 12". Concur with jackieks67, I recently acquired the SuperMax 19-38 open-sided drum sander and it's a wonderful tool. I have just cut out the Dolphin book ends, and can you or any of your colleagues tell me how other than wrapping sandpaper around my finger to try and get the dolphins to look rounded.

But even taking into account the time to change the sandpaper they are much quicker than using just your fingers.
The video below has footage of me using one of the small size drums to sand the edges of the dolphins.
It's worth looking in your local hardware store especially if you are after the smaller solid sanders for your drill. But the fixed bearing mounts on each end of the drum make it nearly impossible to deflect the drum up or down. None of the sanders comes with infeed and outfeed tables to support long workpieces, but Jet sells optional tables. The nylon heads had an absolutely perfect finish to them while I only tried out the 19-38 drum sander I can only imagine the possibilities of the dual drum sander. Recently I produced a cabinet with 4 doors, and using the Sander for finishing and ultimate flattening as a breeze. I looked at several models, and after working in a machine shop for 19 years, this Sander was obviously of better construction. They are hand held, easier to use than a drum sander, less expensive ($50-$90) and with the dozens of attachments and blades, they can get into the small areas easier.

Trust us: Once you get a drum sander, you'll find yourself using it on virtually every project. Unlike the Jets, which have fixed tables and drums that adjust up and down, the others have fixed drums and movable tables.
To help you decide if a drum sander is right for you, and which one to buy, we tested five models priced under $1,200--two closed machines that handle stock up to 12" wide, and three open-ended units that sand twice as wide as their 10-18" drums.
On the other hand, the drums on the Delta 31-260X and two Jet machines (10-20 Plus and 16-32 Plus) are cantilevered, leaving one end open. This enables you to sand panels twice as wide as the drum simply by turning workpieces end for end after each pass. For example, the 10" drum on Jet's 10-20 Plus benchtop model can sand a panel up to nearly 20" wide. With the remaining models, you secure one belt end in a spring clip inside the drum, then wrap the belt tightly, and finally clasp the other end in another clip.

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