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Categories: Wooden Work Bench | Author: admin 30.09.2013

If you didn’t build dog holes into your bench, you still have an opportunity to add them.
Bench dogs have been found on the workbenches for generations of craftsmen, and can serve many purposes in today’s modern shop.
The dogs can be made of metal, wood or even plastic, and have some means to prevent them from sliding through the dog hole onto the floor below.
Vises and dogs are great for securing work that needs to be supported for uninterrupted work to take place on the face or edge of a piece. More modern holdfasts made of plastic or metal improve upon this devise by offering threaded fittings to make adjusting them easier.

If you have a trigger clamp (Irwin’s Quick Grips type) where the head can be removed to turn the clamp into a spreader, you have a hold down just waiting to happen. While dogs and hold downs are simple tools, they can make your bench a more versatile and useful asset in your shop.
While I am sure I will eventually, right now I don’t have the heart to drill bench-dog holes in my workbench.
Ready to start on the leg vise now but still have work to do on the wagon vise and the deep dog holes for the skirts. The piece of pine was to check if the holdfasts would hold the ends whilst planing which they did easily.

Once the holes are on either side a bar can be rigged across the bench and the bench itself can be used as a veneer press. Look at the holdfast sitting upright and imagine a hole in the pad through which a bar slides.

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