Diy wood rv carport, wooden casket plans - For Begninners

Categories: Woodworking Plans Dresser | Author: admin 05.02.2013

If you want to properly protect your vehicle from rain, snow and excessive sunlight, we recommend you to consider building a wooden carport. Top Tip: Building a cover for your rv or motor home is a straight forward project, especially if you have the right skills to work with wood. The first step of the project is about laying out the carport and fitting the posts into place.
You should adjust the length and the width of the rv carport according to the size of the motor home. The next step of the woodworking project is to attach the support beams to the top of the posts.

Continue the woodworking project by installing the roofing slats, starting with the bottom of the roof, on both sides of the construction. Building a carport for your motor home is essential, if you want to protect it from bad weather and sunlight.
First of all, you need to measure the vehicle and to design the size of the carport accordingly. Make sure the top of the posts are at the same level, otherwise the structure of the carport won’t be sturdy enough.
Therefore, fill the gaps with wood putty and let the compound dry out for several hours, before sanding the surface with medium grit sandpaper.

Afterwards, clean the surface with a cloth and apply several coats of wood stain or paint, to protect the wood from rot.

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