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But, following the latest jewelry fashion can become quite the problem for keeping our jewelry box organized. No one wants to rummage through the jewelry box to find that one specific piece of jewelry and we are too attached to the old jewelry to have them thrown away. If you finally want your jewelry organized and get a nice rustic looking decor piece at the same time, then these top 10 DIY wooden displays are the thing for you. Yesterday, I stopped by the Lulu Frost studio for an exciting DIY session with the lovely Lisa Salzer and her crafty team.
Start by taking a sheet of wood to a lumber yard or hardware store to have cut to fit the inside of the picture frame.

Screw a metal brace, connecting the wood board to the back of the frame, to the middle of each of the 4 sides. After saying that I never see random pieces of wood laying around Manhattan, Billy and I came across a huge stack of some while drunkenly walking home Friday night in front of an elementary school. We had been chatting for weeks about finding creative ways to display and store jewelry – a problem we all seemed to struggle with. I love the contrast between the natural wood and the glittering metals of the jewelry together. I’ve been planning to do something similar, but using different materials, but I just might make it like this, using wood.

I mention that we were drunk because this is an important part of the story as the wood was DISGUSTING and we didn’t notice how gross it was until the next morning. So after sorting through Lisa’s wide ranging collection of antique hardware, we were inspired to find a way to show off not only her found treasures but also our favorite┬áLulu Frost jewels.

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