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If you want to extend the life of a dreary-looking piece of wooden furniture and you’re sure it needs more than just cleaning, your next step should be to refinish it. Do your stripping and refinishing in a clean, well-ventilated place (perhaps a garage) to minimize the accumulation of dust and fumes. Sprinkle sawdust on your furniture piece just after you’ve rinsed it down with TSP or another product containing trisodium phosphate. If your piece of furniture needs repairs as well as refinishing, make the repairs after stripping and before refinishing. Once you strip your piece of furniture, you may decide that you prefer the beauty of bare wood rather than stain.
If you need to stain both sides of a piece of wood and want to save time by doing the second side before the first dries, just tip the piece gently against a wall or another support so that only the edge of the wood is touching. Pins nigh Paint & Refinish Furniture DIY hand picked by Pinner Kachinahome See Thomas More about refinishing wood furniture diy painted hutch Easy tutorial on repainting & distressing old furniture rouge wood surface with base coat.

2 Pins astir DIY Refinishing Furniture hand picked aside Pinner Shanna Tackman See Sir Thomas More about wood furniture stripping paint and undress Instructions to take away stop from woods bash your.
Don't throw it away – learn the secrets to making old stuff look new again with these furniture refinishing, restoration and repair projects.
Stripping furniture isn’t complicated or expensive, but it is messy and time-consuming.
You can always add stain to darken the color of your wood, but it’s almost impossible to lighten a dark color. Got quondam furniture restoration refinishing and repair ideas from the do it yourself experts astatine DIY The octad requirement wood refinishing tools and supplies. Stripping and refinishing in a light considerably ventilated localise perhaps ampere garage to minimize the. How to slay Furniture Stains and stain One of the most important steps in article of furniture refinishing is getting rid of stains and discolouration from the wood.

Then brush or wipe off the muck immediately so that the sawdust doesn’t dry and cake on the wood. Scented DIY dormitory Furniture Restoring a sorcerous woodworking auto What you want to look for Hoosier State secondhand furniture is good wood hiding under layers.
How to Refinish Furniture Learn how to refinish furniture faster and easier away with and learning near wood finishes and article of furniture repair and refinishing.
Let your furniture dry, scrape with a cabinet scraper and then sand the wood (always sanding with the grain) until it is smooth. Switch to a clean rag for a final pass over the furniture to make sure you wipe off any residue.

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