Diy wood door mat, jet 12 inch planer - For Begninners

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I kept knotting away, and the longer mat become the more I couldn’t get Dances With Wolves out of my head. The second one is smaller than the first, we want to make sure the real front door gets all the glory. It looks like the ombre mat was a faster project but your wooden mat has a much more sophisticated look.
I think only a handful of people would get excited about seeing a pile of old wood behind their shed. I will only pick up the wood in the winter when all the spiders are dead or long gone.  I haTe spiderS!

The DIY team behind the Lowe's blog posted this fabulous DIY door mat project recently and it's now at the top of my to-do list!
At Lowes the cedar ones were $2.75 for four feet (two planks) and some quick math showed that it was going to cost  more than I wanted to spend.
When you have two front doors hanging out awkwardly on your porch you have to make two mats. By the way I love seeing your kids helping you to make this wooden mat and they enjoyed a lot. Also, when you are scooping things out of the way for pictures, its good to remember that the glass on your front doors will give you away, haha.

Found you from Vanessa blog, Love Live DIY – love the post about how you paid off your home.

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