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Then, in my search for a homemade floor cleaner, I found this recipe which mixes equal parts water, vinegar, and alcohol, with a few drops of dish soap. This cleaner worked so well on my laminate floors, I also started using it on the tile floor in my kitchen, and the windows and mirrors… Then I tackled all the stainless steel appliances. The only thing I didn’t like about the recipe was that the vinegar smell was overpowering (although it disappears eventually). The base of the recipe (water, alcohol, vinegar) is perfectly fine for use around pets, but there is concern that essential oils may be harmful if ingested by pets, especially cats. Natural Homemade Floor Cleaner2013-09-01 23:25:24 A natural, non-toxic homemade floor cleaner that cleans more than just floors!
To make my point today, I pulled out a bottle of Method that the previous tenant here had left behind (thinking I was too lazy to mix together water and vinegar). So I pulled out my spray bottle, filled it half-and-half with hot water and vinegar, rinsed my handy Bona mophead (I still like that part) and went to town on the floor again.
If you hate the smell of vinegar (as a few of you have mentioned over the months), there’s not much I can offer to completely rid yourself of it at first, but the smell goes away within minutes and the shine lasts for weeks. Honestly, I don’t have any first-hand experience cleaning hardwood floors the crunchy way. I agree that using Vinegar and Water leaves a fantastic sheen to the floors, but I’ve read a few places that if you are using it on actually hardwood, it dries the wood out, leaving it prone to splitting, warping etc.

I was hoping to find an article that tells me how to use a safe cleaner…but the article was fun anyways! I wouldn’t recommend this on hardwoods as the vinegar may be too harsh on the finish.
Adding olive oil to white vinegar and applying a thin coat to your wood floor will restore its shine. However, you could try putting a few drops of peppermint, lemon, or eucalyptus essential oil in the mixture and see if that helps cut the early vinegar smell. I can give you second-hand recommendations, but I’d rather leave the tip-giving to those of you who have experience with cleaning hardwood floors in a crunchy fashion. I was so proud of my gleaming laminate floors, I literally couldn’t stop smiling Even the hubby noticed how clean and shiny they were – and he never notices that stuff, so I took that as a huge compliment! For a great list of hardwood floor cleaners, check out this post from TipNut, including 6 different recipes to try, one of which is made with strong brewed tea!
I’ve tried several homemade and commercial cleaning products on my laminate wood floor they all left either a film or sticky residue or both YUCK! A minimal amount of olive oil rubbed into your wood floor is all that is needed to maintain the luster of your wood floor. And when I do, I’m always amazed at how little I suffer from it and how beautifully shiny and clean laminate floors can be with just two ingredients.

From decidedly dangerous chemical-laden discount store cleaners to Method to Bona to anything in between. AS for the vinegar and oil, maybe try adding a few drops of the oil to your pads before putting them on and spritzing the floor with vinegar where you are about to go over with the steam mop.
I am a HUGE fan of white vinegar and use it for many other things so I really hope this works. As I got older and more successful, I could afford pricey smell good cleaning products and nothing was cleaning the laminate floor, every product I bought was either a lot of work or left residue.
The only complaint with this style of floor is that it dents much easier than laminate or genuine solid hardwood because of the softer wood beneath the top layer. I also use ammonia and water in a spray bottle for quick clean ups but I have to use an oil after it dries.
2 After cleaning, I use orange oil spray to protect the surface of the wood and make it slicker.

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