Diy wood bread box, ts3650 10 table saw - Review

Categories: Woodworking Plans Corner Desk | Author: admin 22.06.2013

With a little bit of spray paint and vinyl, this old and beat-up breadbox was up-cycled into a modern and clean design. The box allows air to circulate around the bread so that it receives less moisture than it would in a sealed bag. Pretty solid box, but it had a gross sticker on he front, peeling off, and some nasty glue residue.

The lift-type lid allows easy access, and the box size provides for large quantities of bread products to be stored. I actually let it dry over night with the bread box door open to get rid of the fresh paint smell inside as well. The vinyl letters will peel off their backing and have the sticky side open to press onto the bread box.

The style and design of this wood bread box will add a pleasing focal point to your kitchen counter top.

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