Diy swing set frame, cabinet plans simple - PDF Review

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I was so inspired by Kevin's (and a few other playhouses) that you have shared that I wanted to post the plans for the swing set arm to the playhouse.  This swingset can also be used freestanding.
I would worry about lateral bracing if I was to do this - I would seriously consider adding boards (2x4 would probably do) criss-crossing top and bottom between the top and bottom stretchers on the playhouse on the same side as the swing would go on as the swing, in use, will put a LOT of lateral stress on the playhouse and possibly pull the whole thing down since there really isn't anything much keeping the house from going sideways.
You’ll be happy to hear the swing portion of the playset is much easier to build than the tower. Then, just add your swings and other accessories using the holes you drilled and the hardware that comes with the swings.
I’ve been fantasizing about a diy playset for us this summer, just have to stucco the back wall first, and this was SO super-duper helpful.

My plan also calls for the swingset support to go all the way on the end and not to have a portion of 4×4 hanging on the other side.
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