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Next up was a simple foam underlayment, mostly because the area beneath the floor is open and we don't know what's going on under there. It was time to tack everything down with a nail gun, including the smaller, thinner pieces of wood I collected for the step. Even if you don’t have a design idea in mind involving wooden pallets, saving them from the dump and stockpiling a lot of them will prove useful someday.
I would like to give all considering this a STRONG WARNING if considering working with pallet wood.

Pallet wood is the easiest and cheapest lumber to acquire, it literally costs usually absolutely nothing to possess because of its abundance in America. The members stored a bunch of these for up to a year and a half with one great DIY project in mind.
Sometimes shipping crates and pallets from South America can contain parasites and or be made of wood that is highly allergenic.
I was once sanding on some dark pallet wood that looked like mahogany i broke out in a terribly painful rash developed breathing problems and had to be put one Steroids.

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