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Outdoor benches are always a major contributor in decoration of patio or garden of any home.
I am sure this picture must be reminding you of castle age well this isn’t castle age but trend of making outdoor benches is quite around. To make this beautiful bench with rocks you need to have round rocks and twistable iron wire. Well if you want to give a more natural touch to your outdoor and outdoor area is fairly large then I am sure you will love this easy outdoor bench idea.
If you are looking to challenge your skills here is an amazing rustic wood bench you can pick as your next DIY project. This entry was posted on December 30, 2014, in Garden Decor and tagged DIY decor, DIY garden, DIY projects, Garden decor.
Minwax provides free novice to advanced DIY woodworking and wood Minwax® recommended sites with great ideas for your own DoItYourself Projects. The brilliant DIY benches we have This DIY bench idea may just be the project that you’ve been waiting for. Here’s 50 great beginner woodworking projects that will get you comfortable with the basics of building with wood. Wood Bench design Make a ScrapWood Bench No longer is a wooden bench and can apply easily every few years to bring back the rich tones of the wood. Here's 50 great beginner woodworking projects that will get you comfortable with the basics of building Techniques for making a few simple boxes by photozz.

To get inspired to create our own batch of cool wooden objects, we turned to our favorite fellow makers Here are 40 DIY wood projects we love. For this particular DIY project you need some tools like hand saw and heavy drill machines.
Building an outdoor bench with back support is easy, provide you use redwood, cedar or pine.
Now a day trend of making DIY Outdoor Bench is at full swing as these handmade benches are easy to make and one can save money by making DIY benches.
With the help of these rocks make foundation of the bench and for top either you can use same type of rocks or you can use marble. If you don’t have these tools worry not and try simple wood log bench ideas I have explained above. Once you have made the frame and filled it with rocks to fill up the gap between rocks use clay or small sized rocks. Take rectangular long bars of wood and fix on these logs with steel nails, drill machine and hammer.
For making first two benches place two cinder blocks parallel to each other and place a wood pallets on the cinder blocks to make seat of bench. Some of the wood came from our Kitchen refresh project, some of the wood was old lumber from our backyard makeover.When I first started this project, I had no idea how to build a bench.
Keeping in mind all the facts and number of searches about DIY garden bench I have decided to give you some easy yet beautiful ideas about DIY outdoor bench to make at home.

If you want to make modern outdoor bench then follow third picture where DIY bench with concrete blocks is shown. Do remember to browse my posts about DIY landscaping ideas and DIY patio furniture ideas as well so that you can decorate your outdoor in style. If you want to make back use fairly square wooden bars to support the wood log that you will use to make back of bench.
I found a video by Steve Ramsey, but his video seems it would be best for the super-novice DIYer. I used a piece of landscape edging to mark the curve, then cut it with a hand saw and sanded it smooth. I assembled the back and then put it in place in one piece, attaching it to cleats (made from the baluster cut-offs from our new deck stairs) at a slight angle. I do plan on adding some stencil work to the front of the bench, but I need to find a nice stencil first!

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