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We offer components and complete kits that allow users to build their own CNC cutting machines.
Our CNC machine designs combine commodity materials like steel and structural extrusion with innovative custom parts to provide our customers with affordable and expandable machines.
Our Standard CNC line makes use of affordable components such as ACME lead screws and radial bearings to provide an exceptional value, and has a strong community of users worldwide. Our new Benchtop CNC line introduces a series of smaller footprint CNC machines ideal for any workshop or garage, including both entry-level and high-precision, industrial CNC machines.

In addition to the mechanical components required for CNC machines, we also carry two tiers of electronics to support different customer needs. For commercial users or those with very large machines, our Nema 34 Electronics packages offer advanced digital motor drivers, perfectly matched with our low-inductance motors for increased power, greater speed, and higher depth of cut. His plans call out three differently sized CNC machines to be made with materials you can get from your local big box home supply store, but yet allows for upgraded parts to substituted for better speed or accuracy. In turn, this unit is tied to the power supply for the steppers, and interfaces to a PC parallel port cable.

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