Diy cigar humidor, wooden dog box - Reviews

Categories: Wooden Work Bench | Author: admin 29.11.2013

I used a fair sized cedar cigar box, a large tupperware container, a couple of small pieces of scrap lumber (cut from a faring strip I think), a small plastic credo type humdifying device from J&R, a small container (half pint) of premixed PG solution. When I asked at my cigar shop if I could have a cigar box, the salesman looked to his shift or store manager (I’m not sure which he is) and he said, yeah, he can have one.
These cigars and humidor would make a great father's day present for a father of the bride.

I also haven’t really gotten it arranged right, yet, but I do have it beginning to adjust to the right humidity level. Here are pictures of it packed, and pictures of the contents unpacked, showing the finishing shelves with the unwrapped cigars getting ready for smoking soon. I added a slice of apple loosely wrapped in wax paper near the top to help flavor and finish the cigars I want to smoke sooner.

The Tupperware is holding about 50 cigars now and I believe after I reconfigure it it will hold another 20, but lucky me, tonight I picked up a free Igloo cooler and I will make it into more of a storage humidor.

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