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In that respect, DeWalt offers three choices of lightweight yet highly efficient planers namely the DW734, DW735 and DW735X, and this article examines the salient features of all three models separately before pitting them against each other to see how they compare. The DeWALT DW735 is not the least expensive portable thickness planer on the market today but when it comes to the purchase of woodworking machinery I’ve always said, “You don’t get what you don’t pay for”. Recently I wrote a tool review concerning my favorite portable thickness planer, the DeWalt DW735.

After reading several reviews it was clear to me that this was a hidden jewel among the DEWALT product lineup. In fact, if you’re going to put this on a stand I recommend you buy the DEWALT version compared to an after-market version.Overall PerformanceDEWALT makes lots of great tools and I seldom find issues with any of them. I can only hope that DEWALT continues offering this great product for many years to come.In my opinion this is a perfect planer for small and medium size woodshops.

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