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Dog bench is a modern bench that doubles as dog house, completed with food and water bowls. Well, actually you don’t have to feel embarrass, it’s a modern and stylish bench even the interior, that cushioned bed provides comfort to your dog. For clamping a finished piece without marking it, these slip-resistant muzzles slide over the bench pups to give you a non-marring surface. For clamping a finished piece without marking it, these slip-resistant muzzles slide over the bench dogs to give you a non-marring surface. This is essentially a low-profile bench dog with a quick-release sliding jaw for holding work. This clamping bench dog does everything, clamping any angle, any shape and you can use it as tail vise.
When used in a through hole, the dog sits on a steel plate that is screwed to the underside of the work top; a strong rare-earth magnet at the base of the dog holds it firmly against the plate. The body of the dog is turned from solid brass rod, so it is non-corroding and kind to your tools. If your table top is only 50 mm you can use this prairie dog by adding a washer to the stop plate.
Additional stop plates are available in a package of four to allow you to set up additional bench locations. These additional stop plates are available in a package of four to allow you to set up additional bench locations. This clamp combines the holding functions of a quick-release tail vise with the portability of a bench dog. This work stop acts much like a bench dog, but with a lower profile and a much wider bearing surface.

With a profile height of only 13 mm these bench dogs are suitable for flat and delicate workpieces. To free up the hole for other duty, the plate is easily pivoted out of the way, and the dog removed.
Moreover, if you have a dog, they may sometimes annoying when spilled drinks or make a mess of food. Fasten the mating part of the guide plate inside the tail vise, then mount the assembly on the bench. Cut dog-hole dadoes in a long block, leaning the opposite way from the dadoes in the tail vise. If you already ruined a plane blade at a bench dog, you will appreciate these plastic parts for any work close to the dogs. It also provides a reliable registration surface for materials too narrow to span two adjacent bench dogs. Measure the distance from the front jaw to the left end of the bench–this will be the actual length of the long dog block.
Turning one of the vise’s handles also turns the other handle, which keeps the front of the vise parallel to the bench as it clamps a workpiece.
The dog ist drilled and tapped at a 3° angle to ensure that work is held tight to the bench. Muir Eevated dog bowl, specially designed as a bowl for your dog so the dog can no more spill their drinks or food. I’ve built 15 of them over the years, simplifying and improving the design each time.
Be sure to take into account the guide bars and screws of your front vise–you don’t want dog holes directly above them.

If your vise has iron jaws, cut a recess in the back side of the front cap for the vise’s rear jaw before gluing the cap to the benchtop. Mill and bring to final thickness the end caps (B2) and the long dog block (B3), but leave them 1″ extra long. The Twin Screw comes with complete mounting instructions, but you’ll have to add an additional piece under the bench top, a rear jaw (D1), to accommodate the vise. Mill this piece, then clamp it to the top and mark where the top’s dog holes are located. Cut dados in the back of the rear jaw to align with the dog holes–note which way the dados should lean. Clamp the jig and plate to the bench, then drill a pilot hole for one screw at one end of the plate (Photo 12). When the glue is dry, trim the top and short dog block flush using a crosscut sled or flush-trim bit. They’re angled 2° to the left, while the dog holes in the bench top will be angled 2° to the right (Fig.
Cut the dog holes with a dado set using a sled with a 2° wedge screwed to the fence (Photo 14).

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