Delta mortise machine, diy garage storage cabinet plans - Review

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For $250 and half an hour's worth of simple improvements, you can cut precise mortises all day. Mortising machines first answered the prayers of mortise-cutting woodworkers over 120 years ago. A HOLLOW CHISEL with an auger bit inside is the secret to machines that cut aquare mortises. Traditionally, mortisers used fast-speed, 3,450 rpm motors, but now slow-speed machines are also on the market. SMOKING AND BURNING are normal, according to the owner's manuals of fast-speed mortisers. A POOR-FITTING HOLD-DOWN caused the chisel to bind in this mortise because it allowed the workpiece to rack. CLAMP THE FENCE to the mortiser's table, using spacers if necessary, so it stays put when the chisel is withdrawn.
With improvements to their hold-down systems, six of the machines we tested consistently cut mortises effectively. Underpowered, but will cut small mortises, Fit between head and column is not adjustable.
With a small file, remove leftover machining burrs from the inside adge of it's scoring spur and the angled top edge of its cutting lip.

It's hard to withdraw the chisel after cutting a single four-sided mortise, especially in a hard wood like maple. These machines are hard on chisel sets because they generate a lot of heat while mortising.
It's inexpensive (less than $40) and works well enough if you only need to mortise occasionally. Including a multi-position hand lever and rotating mortising head for off-table projects, this machine also has adjustable height for added versatility. Though they're not the only powered option you have for mortising these days, their square mortises are the perfect match for tablesawn tenons. If the hold-down allows the workpiece to twist, the chisel gets wedged in the mortise and is impossible to get out.
Some of our testers were so frustrated by hold-down failures they decided they wouldn't buy any benchtop mortiser.
Easy withdrawal requires a level of accurate machining and rigidity the hold-down systems on these mortisers don't possess. We bet most woodworkers would be willing to pay more for a machine that they didn't have to mess with. Built to handle your toughest jobs, the heavy-duty cast-iron base with center through hole ensures stability, while an adjustable stop makes repeat mortises easier.

The Multico machine is the only one that separates the hold-down from the adjustable fence, which is a good idea. Mortisers from Bridgewood, Grizzly and Woodtek, which have similar castings and are virtually identical, have fast-speed motors. Mortises are made by advancing the workpiece along the fence while cutting successive squared holes. Fast-speed machines are noisy and nerve-wracking to operate, but they cut mortises with less effort than slow-speed versions. At less than $250, all five of these mortisers are a bargain, and are winners of our Best Buy award. The inadequate hold-downs are frustrating because, for the most part, these machines are well built.
After our own testing, we invited a group of professional and amateur woodworkers to try out the machines as well.
Although we liked working with slow-speed machines better, fast-speed machines cut mortises just as well.

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