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BenchTop Drill Presses - Craft Your Woodworking & Metalworking Projects With Ease & Precision.
Designed exclusively for Grizzly, this radial drill press is very popular with both wood and metalworking shops that have bulky projects. A drill press consists of a base, column (or pillar), table, spindle (or quill), and drill head, usually driven by an induction motor. If you want a more detailed review please check out the link for more information.Product Information from Porter-CableFeaturing first-class 4” spindle travel and X-Y axial projecting laser guidelines, the new PCB660DP delivers extra drilling capacity and accurate pre-alignment for precision and performance that woodworkers demand in the woodshop.

Swing is a huge 45" (you can drill in the middle of a 45" diameter round piece) and spindle can be brought close to the column with the uniquely designed swivel post. This enables larger drill bits to be used and also speeds up drilling with smaller bits.For most drill presses--especially those meant for woodworking or home use--speed change is achieved by manually moving a belt across a stepped pulley arrangement. Modern drill presses can, however, use a variable-speed motor in conjunction with the stepped-pulley system. Medium-duty drill presses such as those used in machine shop (tool room) applications are equipped with a continuously variable transmission.

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