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Yup we’re on a mission to makeover our deck space into a great outdoor living space complete with new custom cushions, potted plants and now we are building a few deck planter boxes. As Bryan was building he dry fit them together to make sure they all aligned evenly and scrap piece was placed inside to keep every nice and square while it was nailed together.
Then using the nail gun Bryan made made quick work of assembling the boxes together by first assembling the sides then attaching the bottom. After trimming the tops and bottoms we finished it up with three square cut pieces nailed to the front of the box and one on each side. Finally we drilled a few drainage holes in the bottom of each box.  Now we just need to wait for the final coat of paint to dry, hang the boxes and plant some flowers. I love your boxes!  I’ve been wanting to make some for the front of our house…thanks for the push! Last year, I was dying to have some deck rail planters to grow spinach and lettuce in, but I couldn’t find any that were the right size (or that I liked well enough for the price).

You’ll have a little lumber left over, enough to use for a second planter or another project! We found a couple nice options here and here, but at the potential cost of either $99 or $159 for each box (we need three) we were convinced we could build them more affordably. Each board was cut straight across with the miter saw to the desired length, width and 1 board for the bottom of the box.
All in all it was a relatively easy project and came in around $70 for three boxes as opposed to the $300 minimum price for the same look.
For about $45 a piece in materials, I succeeded in making a trio of beautiful, 48-inch planters in cedar. You could make them less expensively in pressure-treated lumber.
Sand and clean. Lightly sand the planter to smooth out rough spots and clean up any adhesive residue. There are a number of manufactured brackets on the market for deck rails, so do your research and find one that’s appropriate for your site.

We are about to make our own planter boxes because I can’t find any in store that I like.
Apply a thin bead of adhesive on the inside and secure to the bottom of the box with nails. You can leave your cedar planter unfinished, but it will weather and turn gray with age (which you may prefer).
You’ll need to hammer the ends of the nails down inside the box to keep things safe for planting.

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