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After 40 years of collecting Record Tools this is my finding on the lateral lever of Record hand planes from No 02 through to No 08, T5, No 010, and the No 010?. As you will see I don't use the name Tote for the plane handle and not sure where Tote came from as I have looked in many Stanley catalogues and Record catalogues with no mention of any handle called a Tote. Plane numbers 06, 07 and 08 had a central strengthening rib added to the body casting from 1963.
The planes with a painted finish were advertised in catalogues as Record Blue but the shade did vary over the years.
Type #1: The lettering and border are in gold on a blue background with 'Trade' and 'Mark' either side of RECORD shown top left. Type #4: Gold lettering and border, with RECORD in a gold box on a blue background, water slide transfer, 1980--and still in use 2001. 1980 also saw a new oval water-slide transfer, with RECORD in red script lettering applied to Record vices.
The early trademark was RECORD in gold lettering and then in 1920 the trademark was RECORD in gold lettering and a border around RECORD, with 'Trade' and 'Mark' either side of RECORD.

Whilst nickel restrictions were in force the Plough Planes were plated with a nickel alternative along with the Side Rebates which made a post-war re-appearance. This is when 'Qualcast', Fine Casting's foundry, Derby, started making the body and frog for Record. Post-war production used dark stained beech until 1998 when resistant resin (plastic) replaced wood handle and knob afterwards. Very early large planes may be seen with the box contents label on one end and a side of the lid. Until 1972 the box was marked C & J Hampton Ltd and then until 1982 Record Ridgeway Tools Ltd. The lettering and border are in gold with a blue background like type #1 but without having 'Trade' and 'Mark' either side of RECORD. On the frogs cast by Qualcast you will see the letter Q marked in the top left hand side panel, and in the top right hand panel there is a number that could be for the casting run and year. Prior to the early 1950's all bench, block and side rebate plane and the cutter iron wedge on the 1366 were listed a selected rosewood.

The name Record on bench plane lever caps was highlighted in orange throughout most of the production years but was omitted from the early 1990's. I am unable to confirm what the numbers and the letter on the frog stand for as the records for Qualcast were lost in the take-over in the 1980's. The original paint colour was known as Roundel Blue, then Hamptons Blue and later as Record Blue. Ltd also supplied the orange paint for the highlighting of Record on the lever caps of the hand planes and block planes.

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