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We were actually originally quoted $1200 which included new shoe molding to match the deeper stained floors, but after mentioning that we’d love to come in under 1K our refinisher suggested that instead of putting $300 of that estimate towards the purchase of new shoe molding he could refinish our existing stuff (by scraping it and restaining it)- which ended up looking flawless and saved us a bundle to boot. We especially love how seamless the entire house feels thanks to cohesive dark wood flooring. For more floor refinishing tips and tricks (how to find a reputable floor guy, what to ask, what to expect, and even how to do it yourself) stay tuned for more details later in the week.
I have been dreaming of pulling up the old cream carpet and refinishing the wood underneath to a beautiful mocha ever since we have moved in. Then we negotiated a killer deal (saving $300 and coming in at just $900 for 600 square feet by asking our refinisher to sand and restain the existing shoe molding instead of replacing it with costly new wood molding). Then we removed the plastic from our vents and fired up the heat to a toasty 75 degrees before our floor refinisher laid down any stain since we wouldn’t be able to walk on the floors for  20 hours after the stain was applied (heat helps to speed up the drying process). Our refinisher mixed a few different stain concoctions and applied each one to our stripped flooring (right near the new kitchen hardwood so we could easily identify a match).

50 years ago, the trees cut down for wood floors were old, accounting for beautiful variations, knots and veins. White Oak ENGINEERED HARDWOOD FLOORING mocha stain - Candleman Floors You are using an outdated browser.
Yup, we took down our Christmas tree a week early, painstakingly cleared out the guest bedroom (along with our other two bedrooms and the living room), froze our little buns off (the windows were constantly open to air out the house), hung a curtain to shield ourselves from sanding dust and lived in utter chaos, relegated only to the den and the kitchen (which were packed with all the furniture from the rest of the house!) all in the name of glossy new mocha floors. Our orange 50-year-old hardwood floors have bothered us for a while, especially because the new mocha hardwood that we had installed in the kitchen, den, laundry nook and half bath looked so clashy against the original yellowy-gold flooring in the living room, hallway, guest bedrooms and master bedroom.
When it comes to matching prefinished oak with refinished oak it doesn’t get much closer than that, in fact our wonderful floor guy mixed three batches of stain to come up with the perfect color. In fact our wonderful floor guy mixed three batches of stain to come up with the perfect color. Thanks to the holidays we easily stayed clear of our house for three days (extra insurance that everything was dry and the fumes were even more dissipated).

You may notice that we covered the vents with plastic during the sanding step to avoid serious dust spreadage (but we removed the plastic coverings before the stain and the poly went down since blasting the heat is an important step when it comes to speeding up the drying time). The main difference between factory prefinished oak flooring and refinished-on-site oak flooring is that the knots and veins in the wood are a bit more distinct in the sanded and stained refinished floors. We would definitely recommend arranging to stay with a friend or even at a hotel from the first coat of poly on (we actually didn’t sleep in our house for a full week to ensure that the air was clear)- and would especially caution that anyone who is pregnant or has small children or pets should make it their main goal to stay far far away for as long as possible.

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