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We show you out seven best tips for making smoother, straighter and more accurate cuts on big sheets of plywood.
This way, all I have to do is ride the edge of the saw along the guide to get a straight cut. Second, as you can see in the photo below, I also place the plywood on a sheet of 2″-thick, rigid foam insulation. So for a circular saw and miter saw, make your cuts with the good face down; on the table saw, with the good face up. These blades will work for rough cuts in construction-grade soft lumber, but for working with hardwoods and sheet goods, you need to upgrade.

The size makes it difficult to keep the sheet flat on the table or bench, and simultaneously tight against the fence. Adding low-adhesion blue masking tape to both faces on the cut line holds the wood fibers in place while cutting plywood. On a table saw, you can buy an aftermarket insert blank, or you can easily make one yourself. For the circular saw, attach a thin piece of luan or compressed hardboard to the shoe of your saw, then lower the blade to cut a zero-clearance slot. So get some help: Ask a friend or family member to assist, or use a roller stand or sawhorse to keep things flat. For table and miter saws, invest in an 80 TPI plywood blade, one designed for cross (miter saw) or rip (table saw) cuts.

That way, you can focus on pushing the wood or saw at a consistent feed rate, getting a cleaner, straighter cut.
If possible, use a circular saw to break down large sheet goods into manageable pieces, and then focus on cutting the finished edge. Also, whenever you use a circular saw, set up a straight edge or fence to guide the foot of the saw.

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