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Wooden dog crates have the advantage of being much more durable than traditional wire crates. Wooden dog crates can be more expensive than their wire counterparts, but the style and durability more than make up for the cost difference. Many Amish wood dog crates are designed to blend in with your living room or bedroom furniture. The Amish are known for their beautiful styling and exquisite woodwork, which makes Amish pet furniture a natural choice for combination use pieces. Another way you can teach your dog that you are in charge is by not letting him on to your bed. To further create a sleeping environment, line your dogs crate with bedding, blankets or clothing items that smell like you.
If your puppy tends to chew when he gets nervous, chewproof wood dog crates are the way to go. Getting your whining puppy to quiet down and use his crate is a matter of patience and having the right tools. Wooden dog crates are growing in popularity because of their durability and exceptional style.
Mahogany - Mahogany is a favorite wood for a variety of furniture applications because it resists warping, shrinking and swelling. Oak - Oak is easily bent, which may not seem like the best quality for a dog crate, but in fact is a terrific quality. When shopping for a wooden dog crate, you will quickly discover that there are as many finishes as there are sizes and designs. However, if you are willing to educate yourself on the proper way to finish a dog crate, you can create a customized product that matches your home’s decor and is both decorative and functional.
To apply stain to the crate, use a soft bristled brush or a soft cloth to work the stain in and then remove any excess that is not absorbed within a moment or two with another cloth or paper towel.
Once your wooden dog crate is finished, you’ll have a custom made piece that you can be proud of.
When considering a foam bed or mat for your dog's crate, look for a design with a removable cover, as this allows for the easiest removal and washing of the product. If you are new to the world of dogs, you are probably just learning about crate training and all the great reasons you should consider using a dog crate for your pet. Another reason why you might choose a crate cover over a covered crate is that dog crates used in very public places, such as your living room don't generally blend all that well with your home decor. Covered wood crates are designed to be more stationary as they are heavier and are classified more as a piece of pet furniture. Plastic covered crates or soft tent-like dog crates can be found at any pet store or mass merchandiser.
One of the major differences between a covered plastic crate versus a plain wire crate with a crate cover is that while both offer your dog greater security and limit their visibility, calm them down, etc., the wire crate with a cover is more versatile and can be changed if you decide to change your color scheme or home furnishings or taken off altogether at times when the crate could use more ventilation. Your plastic or soft crate, while helping your dog feel cozy, may not be something you want to show off in a public area.
Pet furniture style wood dog crate, if within your budget, is the option that offers both the added security of a covered crate, while also being able to stand on its own alongside the rest of your furniture. Deciding whether to use a crate cover or a covered crate depends on the situation and your personal preference. One of the most sought after pieces of Amish pet furniture are wooden dog crates and one of the big reasons for this is that they are made from real wood.
Although wooden dog crates and other Amish made pet furniture can be more expensive than their plastic or wire counterparts, their heirloom quality, style and durability more than make up for the cost difference. Many dog crates made by Amish furniture makers are designed to blend in with your living room, bedroom or kitchen furniture.
Pet gates or dog safety gates are another type of furniture that Amish furniture makers really excel in. A pet gate is perfect as you can restrict a dog to an area such as the laundry room or a pet safe room where they can't chew anything important or eliminate on your expensive rugs, etc. If you decide to go ahead and crate train your dog, you’ll need some initial supplies including a crate of an appropriate size and a crate bed or crate mat. In conclusion, you don’t absolutely have to use a crate bed or crate cover when you crate train your dog, but it will make things easier on both yourself and your animal. If your dog barks a lot when in its crate, you may benefit from the use of a dog crate cover. The length of time it will take to successfully crate train your dog will depend a lot on the animals personality as well as your consistency. After your dog is familiar with his dog crate, you’ll want to start putting him in it for short periods of time, gradually increasing the length until he can remain in it overnight or throughout the workday. Some dog owners are appalled by the idea of crating their pet, but others swear that their dog loves their crate and goes there frequently to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. If you are unfamiliar with crate covers, these are a fitted cover, usually made from a thick fabric or vinyl that covers the top and all four sides of a wire or wood dog crate. The reason ecoFLEX is classed as an environmentally friendly material is because it is made by grinding up clean, recycled polymers and leftover wood byproducts from hardwood furniture makers –all materials which would otherwise be discarded as trash or burned in a landfill.
Because of its unique make up, Eco-Flex material possesses the best qualities of both wood and plastic while minimizing the downsides to both of these materials. Another reason a New Age Pet eco-friendly product may not be for you is if you just love the look, feel and smell of real wood. The important thing is that your dog has a place to call his own and to get away to when he or she are tired and need a little privacy or time to de-stress and unwind and you have a piece of dog furniture which doesn't take away from your overall interior decor, but rather enhances it. When you first adopt your new dog, you’re probably thinking about how dog ownership is going to change your life. If you are looking for a portable soft dog carrier, take a look at the latest from Great Paw. Another new addition to the Great Paw soft dog carrier line is the Great Paw Haven Soft Playpen, a sturdy, yet portable dog pen that comes complete with heavy duty zippered doors and mesh covered windows that allow your dog to see out and get plenty of fresh air while remaining safe and secure in this portable dog crate. Large Custom Wood Dog Crate Cover End Table uniquely handcrafted to cover your wire dog crate. What's so great about these Custom Wood Dog Crate Cover End Tables is you have your choice of Oak or Brown Maple wood PLUS choice of stain color. These Custom Wood Dog Crate Cover End Tables are designed and handmade by Amish craftsmen in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, featuring heirloom-quality construction. These Wooden Dog Crate End Tables are custom due to size and color; and require additional time to manufacturer. Dog Crate Table Amish Custom Handcrafted Solid Wood Table Dog Crate Cover Best Design 2015 is free HD wallpaper. You can download Dog Crate Table Amish Custom Handcrafted Solid Wood Table Dog Crate Cover Best Design 2015 in your computer by clicking resolution image in Download by size:. If you have a pup that is teething or an animal that likes to chew, a chew proof wood dog crates provide the perfect solution. End table dog crates combine the function of a dog crate and an end table into one sleek piece of furniture.

Entertainment center dog crates give you a place to house your TV as well as a place to house your dog.
The beautiful, hand-crafted designs tie in seamlessly with your rooms decor, while providing a safe and comfortable place for your dog. Being confined to a crate and taken somewhere unfamiliar is not something most animals enjoy, but by taking a few precautions, you can make the trip easier on both of you. Your bed is your private sleeping space and your dog should not be allowed on it if you expect him to stay in a crate at night. These types of crates resist the damage caused by dog teeth, providing a safe place for your pup to rest.
Getting rest is essential to both you and your dog, so take the time to find the method that works for you and use it!
Wooden crates are fashioned in a variety of stunning displays that can mimic furniture or just add to the general decor of your home. Wooden dog crates made of pine can be stained or painted to match your homes decor and typically pine is free of knots or obvious grain marks.
Wooden dog crates for larger, heavier breeds should be made of hardwoods that can stand up to the weight and physical demands of a larger breed animal. Bendable woods like oak are easier to shape and design, making it ideal for luxury dog crates. There are a variety of considerations that must be looked at to ensure that the crate is safe for your pet.
Finishing your own dog crate can also be fun for people that enjoy painting, staining or decorating. Many chewproof wooden dog crates that are commercially available are stained rather than painted for the most durable finish.
Convoluted foam is similar to what is used in inexpensive mattress toppers known as egg crates. They are additional, removable pieces that serve to make the crate more habitable and pleasant for the animal.
They may not look bad, but if you have a wood theme going on, a wire dog crate may look pretty out of place. You can get a plain or neutral colored cover that helps your crate blend in with its surroundings, or, make it an accent piece by getting a luxury dog crate cover in a fabric that compliments your color theme and decor. While a covered crate may seem like the most versatile choice, a crate cover can provide the flexibility needed in daily use. End table dog crates, for instance, combine the function of a dog crate and an end table into one sleek piece of furniture.
Many pet owners, especially those who prefer not to crate their dogs, use pet gates in their stead.
Many people swear by crate training, while others deem it cruel and completely unnecessary.
Crate beds come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so get one that covers the bottom of the crate, but isn’t so fluffy that it becomes suffocating. So using food to make the crate a "happening" place is one method many pet owners have found successful. Although they used to be a lot harder to come by, you can now find really incredible green dog beds from most major manufacturers of pet beds. The ground material is then mixed with UV inhibitors and color blending compounds before it is molded into parts for ecoConcepts dog crates, pet beds and other everyday pet gear.
However, if there is a specific color you want to get a closer match to existing furniture, or you want to make these pieces of pet furniture into accent pieces, etc., both the Habitat crate and Buddie Bunk can be painted very easily. There are several reasons why you may not want to go with a dog house, crate or pet bed made from Eco-Flex or EcoConcepts materials. Use this to secure your pet while out camping or enjoying other outdoor activities where you want to know your dog is safe and protected from too much attention or from wandering or running off. Disguise a wire dog crate with a Custom Wood Dog Crate End Table stylish enough for any room in the home. Tell us the size of your 30-inch wire dog crate or smaller and we will build you a custom wood dog crate cover end table.
Everything from beds to crates to feeding dishes are being styled in this beautiful and simple design. They can be kept in the living room, a bedroom, the den or any other space that your dog will feel comfortable with the added bonus that these wooden structures are lovely enough to leave in plain sight, even when company comes over.
End table dog crates can be custom made to match your existing furniture, which is ideal for people with specific design tastes and custom homes. The chew proof variety often use wire grates that protect the fine detail of the crate while still maintaining their good looks.
By cleverly disguising the door to your dog crate, you can blend it in with your furniture in a way that will fool even the most observant of guests. Again, not all pet carriers meet airline regulations, so be sure to call ahead and make sure the crate you have meets requirements.
Don’t coddle him or show too much sympathy when he whines or whimpers about being in his dog crate. Dog crate covers block out light and dampen sounds so that your dog’s crate becomes a cave-like atmosphere. Wood dog crates are most often sold online and are made from a variety of different types of wood to suit the needs of a variety of dog owners. Softwoods have their place in furniture making and can be useful in making dog crates for smaller dogs or puppies. Many furniture makers consider fir one of the easiest woods to work with, and it is a great choice for detailed or ornamental wooden dog crates.
Many dogs find the idea of chewing on cedar repulsive, so some chewproof wooden dog crates are made with a coated cedar material.
When shopping for a wooden dog crate, look to online retailers for the largest selection of crates at the best prices. Your hand-finished wooden dog crate is sure to be a focal point in your home as well as a comfortable place for your pet to relax. Upholstery grade foam is more costly than convoluted foam, so it is not often used in pet beds or crate mats. Dogs that experience stiffness or soreness in their knees or hips should use memory foam crate beds or crate mats to help ease pain and reduce swelling. Crate covers are designed to go over an existing crate, while covered crates are a one-piece unit. Crate covers can also be used as training aids to temporarily calm an anxious or nervous pet.
Typically, covered crates are made of plastic so that they are lightweight and easy to maneuver.
Covered crates, like wire crates come in a variety of sizes to fit a variety of dog breeds.
The hard plastic covered crates are also more durable than wire or wooden crates, so they are better for situations that may result in an unusual amount of jostling or bumping.

Everything from beds to crates to feeding dishes and are being styled in this beautiful and simple design. When you get an authentic Amish wooden dog crate, they are hand-crafted and made using old world construction methods.
End table dog crates can be custom made and stained to match your existing furniture, which is ideal for people with specific design tastes and custom homes. Most end tables have a large empty space below them which goes to waste, but a coffee table or end table style dog crate take advantage of this space to house your dog. If you have a dog, you have probably already realized that you do not want to allow them to roam free in your home if unsupervised. In general, dogs will take to crate training a lot easier if you also use a bed or crate mat. Dogs naturally avoid eliminating where they sleep, so in some cases a bed is a helpful tool in curbing unwanted behavior. If the bed alone doesn’t ease the dogs tensions, using a dog crate cover in addition to the bed may help create an atmosphere that makes your pup feel safe and content. With the right tools and a little bit of patience, your dog should be crate trained in no time! Leave it in your main living space, so your dog can see that you’re comfortable with it. For more detailed information on crate training with treats and other methods, visit our dog crate training resource page. A piece of dog equipment which comes highly recommended by the experts and veteran pet parents is a dog crate. This contracting and expanding eventually leads to splintering, cracking, warping, gapping and, in climates which are very humid, mildew can start to form on the wood.
So if you are set on real wood, an Eco-Concepts product may not be right for you and you may want to go for a real wood dog crate, such as those offered by Pinnacle Woodcraft or Dynamic Accents. What's so great about these Custom Wood Dog Crate Cover End Tables is you have your choice of Oak, Brown Maple or Cherry wood PLUS choice of stain color.
Cherry wood resists warping and shrinking and the color improves when exposed to direct sunlight.
Be sure to remove all sawdust and debris by wiping the crate with a dry cloth before you begin the finishing process.
Convoluted foam is suitable for dogs that are relatively healthy and require little more than a comfortable place to rest. These crate are designed as a solid piece of pet furniture which blends beautifully into your home. If you have a pup that is teething or an animal that likes to chew, you should look into the chew proof wood dog crates as this is the style of wood crate that holds up best for young dogs. Like end table dog crates, entertainment center dog crates combine two pieces of furniture into one convenient design.
This changes as a dog gets older and better trained, however, leaving a puppy or untrained dog to their own devices generally ends up being an expensive or messy mistake. If you have opted to get a furniture style pet crate, you can find pet gates in matching styles and stains. Some dogs love their crates while others react in a similar way that a claustrophobic human would. Wood dog crates are popular for older animals, while adjustable wire dog crates are more desirable for puppies that will grow a lot. You can even find stylish dog crates that fall more into the furniture category if you would like to keep it in your living room.
However, to make full use of a dog crate and use it to train your dog, you need to start young. Knowing about the different types of foam used in crate beds and mats can help you make the right decision for your pet.
You can generally find convoluted foam dog beds at any pet store or mass merchandiser that offers pet supplies. They can be kept in the living room, a bedroom, the den or any other space that your dog will feel comfortable.
A dog crate can offer your dog many of these same benefits a den offers such as security, a personal, private space where your dog can retreat to and relax when stressed. Here are some tips and pointers to help you in selecting the right crate not only for your new pal's puppy days, but which will continue to provide shelter, protection and containment as your dog grows. Not only do these dog crates look like a classy, Mission style wood dog crate or end table dog crate, but they are actually made out of Eco-Flex or EcoConcepts™ materials. The poly resin makes this crate moisture proof, weather resistant, free from critters and bugs and very easy to wipe down and clean whenever necessary using warm soapy water. The wooden structures are lovely enough to leave in plain sight, even when company comes over. Dog crates that feature solid walls can offer this den-like environment, however, when using wire dog crates, which are popular for keeping dogs out of trouble, your dog may miss out of this benefit due to the open feel of the wire crate.
Take that same wire dog crate and place a dog crate cover over it and you've created a private place for your dog. Bowsers crate covers are available in all the same durable, yet attractive micro velvet and microfiber fabrics Bowsers offers which makes it easy to find a print which matches your home's color scheme and decor. When your dog's crate is dark, your dog is not being bombarded with visual stimuli that makes your dog want to get out and play and be part of the action going on in your house. The best dog crates are the ones that offer privacy for your dog where they can shutout the world around them and relax. If you do a little research on the correct sizing for a dog crate, you will quickly learn that a dog's crate should not be too small, but it should also not be excessively large or your pet will be more likely to eliminate in their crate.
Bowsers Luxury crate cover gives you both the traditional crate cover with the style and sophistication of a boutique brand.
The metal components prevent your dog from trying to chew his way out or just chewing it up out of boredom. If you have a dog that tends to bark a lot when in its wire dog crate, try placing a blanket over the crate and see what happens. Your pet's crate should fit them comfortably, and be slightly larger than your dog in standing position.
If placing a blanket over your dog crate works in calming your dog down, you don't have to be stuck using an unsightly blanket. Their are many stylish crate covers that can give your dog the privacy, but which enhance the look of your dog's wire crate while complementing your home's furnishings.
There are some crate covers such as Bowsers luxury crate covers that have matching crate mattresses that can give your crate a stylish makeover. This panel is most common in wire crates, however, you can find some wooden dog crates and plastic dog crates with this feature.

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