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How to Cut Crown Molding: Non-Compound Method (Vertically Nested)The advantage to cutting crown molding using this method is that no bevel cut is required.
All DEWALT Miter Saws have a tall sliding fence to support larger crown molding nested vertically against the fence. No other moulding states style, elegance and sophistication quite the way crown moulding does. The solution to this dilemma is a simple shop built crown moulding jig that captures the crown moulding in the miter saw at the same angle (spring angle) that it is to be installed at.
This jig and the measurements that are provided in the accompanying drawings are suited for my particular compound miter saw, your saw may be different and you’ll need to adjust the measurements of the jig and attachment points to suit.
In the past I’ve made other versions of this jig and the with those jigs, the method of attachment to the saw was finished at this point. With the crown moulding jig now securely installed I cut through the fence, into the jig’s base and adjustable fence at all the popular cutting angles.
To use the jig, I nestle the crown moulding onto the jig like I normally would do, making sure the crown moulding is upside down and backwards in the jig. When I need to cut a different width of crown moulding or crown moulding with a different spring angle, I simply un-tighten the four locking knobs on the adjustable stop, pull the stop back to accommodate the new crown moulding, install the crown moulding in position on the jig as I would normally do and slide the adjustable stop up to the crown moulding and re-tighten, it’s that simple.
This value pack includes Crown Molding & Trim book, 18'' True Angle and BONUS 7'' pocket size angle checker.

The first thing that you' re going to need to do is measure the length of the walls on which your going to install the crown molding. After you have identified the reference line for the base of your crown molding, you will then need to mark the location of the studs. In our photos we have highlighted the wall side of the crown molding in a soft yellow. Therefore, when adjusting the saw for out of square corners, the user needs to only adjust the miter system, as opposed to both miter and bevel systems when laying crown materials flat. Since they can shift slightly and very few rooms have exactly square corners, all settings should be tested on scrap moldings.
No other moulding that I know of adds a level of class to set of kitchen cabinets, a wall unit or a standalone cabinet, quite the way crown moulding does but there can be a downside to crown moulding. The ability to cut various widths of crown moulding with various spring angles using a single jig was the reasoning for designing and building this jig. I then spread the saw’s two fences apart, to give the jig a little more support when mounted and tightened the fences in position. But seeing as though I had an opportunity to attach this jig at two more locations on this saw, I did. When the crown moulding is nestled perfectly in place, I slide the adjustable fence up to the crown moulding and tighten down the four knobs on the adjustable stop and that’s it.

Adjust the miter and bevel of you saw to match the angle of the wall that you are preparing the molding for. And cutting crown moulding on the flat requires the use of tricky saw settings and can be confusing at times.
On my saw there are two metric carriage nuts and bolts that come up through the stand’s brackets and through the base of my saw. The jig is now set for that particular width of crown moulding and I can cut that moulding all day long.
In this tutorial you will first learn about cutting crown molding, tips will be given for installation, and then we'll present an overview of a simplified crown molding installation system. If you're serious about installing crown molding, you may also want to give consideration to this kit that multiple visitors have raved about. One of the biggest problems when installing crown molding on a square wall is that most of the times they really aren' t that square.

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