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Both of my kids are scouts, which means we’ve made more than a few Pinewood Derby cars.
This Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper was made by carving the block of wood with a band saw down to just the axles and thin strip of wood for the fuselage.
Pinewood Derby car design pictures, photos and images, submitted by cub scouts, Awana grand prix racers, and other pinewood derby car builders.
Let them flip through designs online for a little inspiration, but in the end, the scout should sketch out his ideas on paper. Then sit down with him and see how you can work together to make the sketch happen!

If you’ve just got a sander and a coping saw, then think about making a wedge design.
But we jazzed it up by making tiny Pinewood Derby cars out of sculpey clay and gluing them on! If you visit your local hobby or scout shop you’ll find lots of neat Pinewood Derby parts, like windshields or engines parts, that can be added on by the scout. Our cars may not have always been the fastest, but they’ve crossed the finish line with tons of style!

The last thing you want to do is ruin your kid’s race day by breaking the rules and getting his car disqualified.
For example, our Pack rules state that you must use parts that came with the kit–the wheels, axles and even the groove carved into the block!

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