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Awesome Bookshelves with Door : Cool Ideas DIY Floating Bookshelves Uploaded by ACHMAD SACHOWI LUTFI in Durham at Sunday, November 3, 2013.
All throughout your home or office this little guy and his friends serve as bookshelves, benches, stools, magazine racks or bookends. The concept behind this design follows that simple idea and turns a normal bookcase into a cool piece of seating.

Last May I posted the life-size prototype I made out of FoamCore to help me design a complex combination of berth-style (sideways) wall bed, storage and bookshelves for my space in Harlem. We generally viewed bookshelves using bricks as uprights as simple college student decor UNTIL we saw these fab shelves designed by Gionatan De Pas, Donato D’Urbino and Lomazzi for Longato in 1971.
It reminded us of other cool iterations —some more complex, some simpler — of the hanging shelf.

You would be shocked to see how a piece of furniture can look so cool and efficient at the same time.

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