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When purchasing a solid wood furniture piece from the Amish and Mennonite Furniture Store you have the option to customize your furniture to match your home's furniture decor.
For more information on either or Indoor Furniture, Outdoor Furniture or Poly Wood Patio Furniture feel free to Contact us anytime.
If you have any question regarding any of the above furniture colour options please contact us below.
This water based wood stain is designed to colour the wood, it then requires a top coat of oil, lacquer or wax to finish the job. These wood stains are made from the finest natural ingredients from around the world, to give quality colour pigement to the stains.
The hard and soft grain form the pattern in soft woods and pine, the soft grain makes up the majority of the wood content. The depth of the colour can be increased by applying 2 to 3 coats of water based wood stain. If marks on the wood are left after the water based staining application, these tend to be blemishes in the wood that can not be covered by water based wood stain. New or old furniture, floorboards or any wooden surfaces can be treated with this interior water based wood stain. Our wood stain colour collection can transform the look and feel of any room by treating or refurbishing the furniture or floorboards.

Foam Sponge: Large surface areas can be wiped over with a sponge easily, when more pressure is applied to the sponge more stain is released to cover the area being treated to save time replenishing the sponge. Paint Brush: This can be used for a more precise application of areas such as door frames, skirting boards and banisters etc. When using a brush to apply the chosen top coat to the water based stain (such as water lacquer), ensure to keep the brush strokes to a minimum so not to lift the colour out of the stained wood. Approx 10 square metres per litre, this can be dependent on the amount applied, the wood and temperature. A thin coat being 2 hours, 4 hours for a thick coat, this also fluctuates with temperature and the wood being used. All of our custom hand built wood furniture is handcrafted by Amish and Mennonite wood workers and is available in the below finishing options.
Lower quality stains create a reverse negative effect that can be magnified once the top coat has been applied to give a bad finish. Pay particular care and attention to the cut ends of the wood areas, these area tend to absorb more creating tide marks on the surface of the timber.
You can also personalise your wood stain colour by adding other red, yellow, orange or brown wood stain or concentrated dyes.
This gives you good working time with the stain, so you can tidy up runs and excess areas to give you a nice even finish once dried.

Once an even application has been applied, the surface can wiped over with an absorbent cloth or sponge to remove excess stain. The below colour options include paint colour and stain finishes for our indoor furniture collection.
This is opposed to lesser quality pigments that leave the wood with a washed out zebra effect finish.
This can create hundreds of colour variations by inter mixing our products to give you desired shade or perfect match.
This effect will give it a rustic appearnace, if that is the desired effect, you can enhance the high and lows of the rustic colouring by brushing on a dark wax to the raised wood grain. Once dried the water based stains can be coated with most varnishes (lacquers), waxes and oils to give a final finish. Each indoor furniture piece is available in any of the below paint colour and stains as well as an unfinished furniture style. This increase in price is due to the work involved in providing the rustic and antique furniture style that the Amish and Mennonite are famous for.

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