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Used to protect tender plants or rooted cuttings during the colder months, a cold frame is simply a box with a transparent lid or cover. Simply find an old storm window, available at most second hand stores, and adapt the frame to it's size.
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Seeds of many plants can be sown directly in the frame and grown there until it's time to transplant them to the garden.

In summer, you can replace the cover with shade cloth or lath, creating a nursery for cuttings.Set up your cold frame in a site protected from harsh winds by trees, shrubs, a fence, or a wall. To ensure that the frame will receive as much sunlight as possible, orient it to face south or southwest.Sinking the frame 8 to 10 inches into the ground increases heat retention significantly. Make sure the location has good drainage, since you don't want water to collect around the frame after every rain.Building a Cold Frame1. Start by selecting a cover, since its size will often determine the dimensions of the frame. You can also make a cover out of clear acrylic or fiberglass sheets sandwiched between narrow strips of wood and reinforced at the corners with metal corner plates.

Polyethylene film stapled to a wooden frame is another option; it's quick and inexpensive, though it lasts only a year or so. A length of at least 4 feet will allow you to grow a variety of plants.Build the frame from lumber, such as rot-resistant redwood or cedar or less expensive plywood or scrap lumber.

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