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Available in semi-transparent Acorn Brown, Autumn Red, Lakeside Cedar, and Sterling Gray in addition to transparent Caspian Clear in quart, gallon and five gallon pails. Use PolyWhey Exterior Wood Stain on new, pressure-treated and weathered exterior wood decks, fences, siding, railings, outdoor furniture and other wood surfaces. Rainforest is a great deck stain and natural wood finish because it has high resin content, soaks deep into wood and seals and stains in one step. Deck Stain & Wood Stain Colors- Sample pints are the best way to check a natural wood finish or deck stain color on your wood variety.
Clear and Natural: There are many great stain colors to choose from that look clear and natural but provide a goot bit of protection against UV Radiation. Clear Weather Barrier Topcoat: For the best, longest lasting exterior wood finish apply a clear top coat of Mountain XT over Rainforest. Cimate Regions: High moisture, mold and mildew climates do best with a darker stain and a Clear 00 top coat.
Messmer's UV PlusMessmer’s UV Plus is a premium deck stain and natural wood finish which protects and beautifies exterior wood decks, siding, fences, log homes, and other wood projects. UV Plus is a penetrating deck stain, wood stain and oil finish that beautifies and protects exterior wood, providing a natural appearance. Yes, provided the previous finish has sufficiently weathered to allow penetration of UV Plus.

Just brush and roll into a thirsty deck and you will clearly see the wood being nourished by this rich deck stain. Brown Cedar is a great color that isn't too dark, wood still shows through, but it blocks a lot of UV Radiation.
UV Plus is an excellent choice for almost any exterior wood surface, including vertical surfaces. The only way to get a shiny surface on the wood is by using a multiple coat, film forming finish. It frequently covers up to 5 times as much area as a lower quality deck stain which helps save your wood, your money and our planet! This gives more protection from sunlight yet is hardly shows up in the wood and looks very natural. Of course, its fine to use Rainforest clear, without stain added but this is best for quality woods like Locust, Ipe, Cedar and even then it doesn't hurt the natural look at all to use Honey or Light Honey.
If you would like to apply a Clear 00 Top Coat on deck floor or such, please, use the Ask Earthpaint tool first to make sure it is appropriate. This results in a finish that highlights the natural beauty of the wood while still protecting it. If a newly stained deck is rained on, the rain can force the stain up out of the pores of the wood, leaving a blotchy appearance.

We don’t recommend clear film forming finishes on decks because they are slippery when wet, they will eventually peel, and they are difficult to maintain and recoat. The high solids content of UV Plus fills the pores of the wood, providing excellent water repellency that will last.
Make sure the surface is clean, dry, and any previous coatings have either weathered away or been removed. When properly applied, a penetrating finish like UV Plus will not be shiny, it will have a natural, matte look. This allows you to maintain a natural look and provide extended color retention and protection to the wood.
Do not use UV Plus over paints or other film forming coatings, it’s designed to penetrate into bare or weathered wood surfaces.

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