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GOOD TEMPERATURE CONTROL: This offset firebox smoker is kind of comparable to electrics where temperature control is concerned.
The vertical design of this offset smoker allows users to capture all the flavors of the smoke box.
This Dyna-Glo smoker can help you achieve that professional smokehouse flavor you’ve been searching for in your steaks, ribs and chicken.
Vertical design lends itself to naturally rising heat, achieving greater efficiency and improved smoke flavor. Charcoal & ash management system with charcoal chamber, grate and sliding, removable steel ash pan.
Porcelain-enameled steel charcoal chamber is designed to keep briquettes stacked tightly for improved burn efficiency.
Smokers of any variant are typically like ovens – they’re huge; large enough to house several pounds of meat or fish at one time. An oven is used for baking, you use your basic grill for your barbecue, and you use a smoker to make smoked meat. Electric smokers are the next step in the evolution of tools and equipment used to smoke great tasting meat and fishes.Unlike the traditional charcoal, propane, or gas smokers, electric smokers use electricity. Bullet Smokers or Vertical Water Smokersare similar to drum smokers and they use either wood or charcoal to produce heat and smoke. Upright Drum Smokers are simply steel drums that have been divided into sections for the purpose of smoking meat.
We’ll also throw in the downsides with the good features – that’s how brutally honest we are with our reviews.
I was looking at the GrillPro 31840 Vertical Charcoal Smoker a little bit of a while back that my friend bought; and I think that it was pretty good.
Nevertheless, since I was asked to write my own honest smoker review about this particular product then I will just have to relate what I have personally observed when I helped out my friend back then. ADJUSTABLE RACKS: It doesn’t matter which smoker recipes you’re willing to try – it can be a huge whole turkey or just a regular batch of beef jerky ­– you can adjust the racks to provide more room in case you need it. Not everything that is made of steel is high quality – I’ve seen many steel smokers and they range from poorly made to absolutely great.
The GrillPro Heavy Duty Vertical Charcoal Smoker features a 24 gauge welded steel 4.4 cubic foot cook box with 3 fully adjustable chrome cooking grids.
I think electric smokers are great at maintaining a set temperature; but they can’t reach higher temperatures. It’s not as good as electric smokers but it’s much better than other propane or charcoal smokers I have used.

It’s specially designed to channel the smoky flavors as well as controlling the temperature. This Dyna-Glo smoker will equip your patio or deck with a durable centerpiece that friends and family will gather around for many years to come. Simply choosing a different type of wood chip can vastly alter the flavor of whatever food you’ve placed on the grates.
With such high-performance backyard smoking only steps away, you’ll want to crack the door of your Dyna-Glo whether it’s rain, shine or snow.
Read owner comments about their Landmann smokers and know the pros and cons of each model today! Sometimes you have to incorporate smoking into your cooking in order to infuse flavors into the meat you’re roasting or baking. Each of these types of cooking equipment has its advantages, which is why our product reviews cover a variety of smokers. It features a main chamber where the meat and other food gets cooked and smoked to your liking. This type of smoker incorporates a water bowl to add humidity to the entire cooking equation. The bottom portion is usually where the charcoal and wood chips go into and the meat is placed on the upper layers. It is an upright smoker where the food box and the smoke or fire box are chambered separately. The goal of course is to provide you with all the info you need to find the best smokers out there. It’s not perfect but at least it allowed my friend to enjoy the wonders of smoking your own meat for the very first time.
This smoker grill is great for first timers but once you get the hang of the art of smoking, you’ll immediately see its weaknesses. If you’re the type who is new to cooking large servings then this vertical smoker will give you enough room to practice. This may seem like a horrible experience for beginners at first but I promise you that if you get this done properly you’ll smoke your meats like a pro afterwards. It’s nothing fancy and the vertical design is basically the main trick that makes the food come out smoking good. This Dyna-Glo smoker offers you not only these delicious benefits but those associated with using charcoal as your fuel source as well. However, unlike baking in ovens smoking your meat in one of these kitchen implements will usually take many hours.

A separate smaller cylindrical chamber is attached to one end where the charcoal is fired up and its smoke is funneled into the food in the main chamber.
Our reviews will mention key features like the number of racks, automated chip feeders, chamber lighting, better temperature control, larger smoking space, insulation, and other important features that users may be interested in.
It was his first hot smoking unit and I guess he’s pretty happy with it so I’m not complaining. This smoker offers you a total of 4.4 cubic feet of cooking space, which is about the size of a personal fridge (aka it’s big enough). I think I can recommend the GrillPro 31840 Heavy-Duty Vertical Charcoal Smoker to people who want to get their feet wet with smoking meats until they get a lot better. The heavy duty cast iron smoker box features adjustable side and rear air vents for precision heat control and door mounted accu-temp thermometer for perfect smoking time after time.
The only downside I can see is that I had to use a fireplace sealant when smoke began to leak out in two places.
Well, the leaks were due to extended use and it doesn’t change my opinion about the Dyna-Glo Charcoal Smoker.
Your friends and family will enjoy maximum smoked flavor thanks to this product’s vertical design, which includes six height-adjustable cooking grates and 1176 inches of cooking space.
The result of such a process is that the flavor from the smoke will be deeply infused into the meat or fish (or whatever it is you’re smoking).
Since indirect heat is ideal for slow cooking (and infusing smoke flavor), the offset functionality of this smoker is designed to keep direct heat away from the food, helping to prevent food on the bottom racks from cooking too fast. Since these smoking appliances are electric powered they offer a few advantages over traditional kinds of smoking apparatuses.
Burn efficiency is improved as well thanks to the uniquely designed charcoal system that includes a porcelain-enameled charcoal chamber, which is designed to keep briquettes stacked tightly.
The smoker’s double doors are designed to minimize reduction in cooking temperature when access to the food is needed or when more wood chips or charcoal briquettes are added.
The heavy-duty steel body construction features a high-temp, powder-coat finish that ensures a long life, while the smoker’s charcoal and wood chip tray is made with heavy gauged, porcelain-enameled steel for hours of maintenance-free cooking.

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