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While nowhere near a band saw in capacity, or accuracy (and band saws aren't exactly accurate) a hand held jig saw did the non straight cutting duties for me for a lot of years. My particular jig saw is an old Wal Mart sale special from 1997, I don't recall the model number, but I do remember it was on sale, with a multi pack of blades for $29.99.
But what you don't see much about the band saw is how much variety there is in woodworking band saws, or what reasons people buy band saws. Which is basically a process of taking a larger thickness of lumber, and running it through the band saw and coming up with two thinner pieces. While this is possible to a limited extent on a table saw, the band saw excels at this, and can with the right jigs even be used to mill lumber out of limbs, and small logs.

Some very smart people at BT3Central have a thread going on exactly what parts to order, and how to modify the Central Machinery 14" band saw to add the Grizzly GO555 tension quick release lever for about $35.00.
I am planning on adding this particular modification this winter sometime to allow for easier blade detensioning.
And like all 14" C frame band saws, it is resawing limited to 6" unless you add a riser block kit, which I did. I got the riser block kit from Harbor Freight through the parts department, I ordered item #24536-0ZZA and it cost me $61.90 after shipping and handling charges. Other issues that are not unique to the 32208, or even this size band saw, are lacking mobile bases and lousy blades.

When you get your band saw, if you get one that can take a riser block kit, wait till you get your riser block, and go to Suffolk Machinery, home of the Timberwolf blades. Lastly, and something else I plan on doing to my saw, adding a mobile base will allow you to rearrange your shop, or simply move your shop out of the way when the wife wants to park the car in the garage. I am using the Central Machinery 95288 mobile bases with re-dimensioned 2x4 clear pine for all of my shop equipment not on casters or bases.

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