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Burke’s solar electric solar parking canopies and solar pavilion allows Burke to generate thousands of kilowatt hours of clean, renewable electric over the life of the system.
This is the largest solar electric system in downtown Cincinnati and the only solar parking canopy system in downtown Cincinnati when installed.
The solar carports cover 600 parking spaces and are targeted to start producing energy next month.
The new carports come with complete electrical power infrastructure for future plug-in electric car charging stations.
The solar work is one of many green technologies GSA is integrating at the DFC in an effort to make its vision of being the most sustainable campus in the U.S.

A minimum import relay will be installed to prevent back feed of solar photovoltaic energy to the network protectors owned by Austin Energy.
Everything came together so well with the help of Austin Energy and Meridian Solar, we were finally able to carry it out”. Underneath, the carports feature LED lighting reducing energy used to light parking spaces at night and lasting five times as long as conventional lighting.
Since the beginning of this two-year, multi-million dollar contract, E Light Wind and Solar, Inc.
At the time of commissioning, this project was the largest solar installation in downtown Austin.

An initial concern of the project was that on the days when more solar energy was generated than needed, the excess would try and pump back into the grid causing significant problems. With this project in mind, Meridian Solar helped create a sophisticated control system that permits the solar array to be connected to the utility’s electrical service, all while prohibiting the excess generation from back feeding into the downtown network.

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