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PrecisionCraft’s newest design concept, The Buffalo Creek, combines authentic handcrafted log walls and heavy timber frame truss work to create a Western look and feel. Designed for a stepped lot, the home flows with the natural slope of the land and places its main entrance and view capturing windows on the same side.
The magazine will also feature exclusive stories and breathtaking pictures from some of our most exciting homes, as well as informative articles about design, building and energy efficiency. When we’re dreaming and doodling a log home into existence, most of us focus on things like floor plan and traffic flow, log style and guest accommodations.  But you’re sure to want livable outdoor spaces, too, so planning for them early is a smart move that will help you get the most out of your dream log home. The rambling architectural style makes it possible to build your dream home as your budget permits. With 2,039 square feet on the main level, the Trian timber frame floor plan features an open design with bold timber framing throughout the kitchen, dining room and great room areas. With 1,560 square feet of livable space, the Telluride log cabin creates a sense of warmth and coziness – truly a cabin in the woods.  Its floor plan features a simple layout with vaulted ceilings, dual master suites, and of course, a great room with a view window. In addition to creating a sense of warmth, Rustic Luxury Log Cabin Homes & Plans provide the perfect design solution for smaller build sites – great design without compromising architectural style and detail. Inspired by the popular Crested Butte log & timber hybrid home, the Dakota, smaller in size, catches the eye with its unique flavor.
Since its introduction, the Crested Butte has been one of PrecisionCraft’s most popular designs. The Dakota, featured above, is 600 square feet smaller than the Crested Butte, but still packs a lot of character with its unique design elements. The Clearwater, as well as all standard floor plans found at PrecisionCraft’s log home floor plan gallery, can be designed to match the look and feel of any client.
The inspiration for the Shenandoah log home floor plan comes from the cozy log cabin ideal of yesteryear.
Every new floor plan, like the Shenandoah, is professionally rendered to help clients envision what the exterior of their homes will look like. As rendered, the Shenandoah shows how a combination of materials – square milled log, handcrafted log, glass, & stone – can be used together in the design of any home. Get more details on the Shenandoah Log Home Plan or view PrecisionCraft’s log home floor plan gallery.

A prospective client’s love for the great outdoors inspired the creation of this log home floor plan design, The Alderbrook. With the natural environment at the heart of the Alderbrook log home plan, enjoying the outdoors just got easier.
This unique design concept initiated out of Log Home Living’s new feature You Dream, We Design. It is important to remember that the log home floor plans showcased here in this blog are simply starting points. Using the French countryside as inspiration, PrecisionCraft’s talented team of architects combine hipped roofs (also known as French Hips), narrow overhangs, delicate stonework and a mix of uniquely shaped windows, creating a one-of-a-kind design.
Known for its rambling design features, Old Tahoe architecture blends harmoniously with its environment, intertwined with the granite cliffs surrounding the deep blue edge of Lake Tahoe. The massive stone fireplace just outside the kitchen area on the main level adds character and warmth to this Appalachian style cabin. The large stone fireplace on the open patio completes the look and feel of this Rustic Luxury Log Cabin home. This time, the team introduces their new series, Rustic Luxury Log Cabin Homes & Plans, an exclusive collection featuring attractive, unique designs and luxurious finishes. This luxury, single level log cabin home features a unique combination of stone, bark siding, beautifully crafted character logs, glass and milled log walls. A new cabin design will be introduced each month, through January 2009.  Sign up at their web site to receive the Design of the Month. Alter the size of this log home plan, adjust its design complexity, and learn how home finishes can impact the overall turnkey cost of the Dakota and PrecisionCraft’s other log home floor plans. With the most design awards in the industry, this team walks clients through the home building process – from conception to move in. Visit PrecisionCraft’s Log Home Solution Center to learn more about this hot trend or to view 65+ log home and timber home plans. If a client prefers a rustic handcrafted log home or a full timber frame home, the Shenandoah can be designed with any product in mind. As rendered, the Alderbrook shows how a combination of materials – log, timber, glass, & stone – can work together to create a one-of-a-kind log home.

This estimate reflects PrecisionCraft’s past log home building experiences and average construction costs generated by 3rd party, national data (RS Means Data). To get you thinking about your own unique home – whether it be a rustic log home, an artfully crafted timber frame home, or a hybrid home.  Close your eyes for a moment and imagine walking through the door of your getaway mountain retreat. The design also includes a two car garage, mudroom and two back porches with timber pergolas. Designed as a dedicated barbeque area, this patio is also large enough that the cook can have some company.
Designed for discriminating homeowners who are seeking the best in mountain style living, but in a smaller, more intimate home, Rustic Luxury Log Cabins offer the perfect blend of warmth, attractive natural materials and high-end finishes. Mountain Architects works with clients to ensure their log cabin homes meet their green building goals.
But, at the same time, you will notice that the Dakota has its own unique features making it a remarkable design in its own right. From the handcrafted log columns in the picture window to the extensive use of vaulted ceilings lined with log rafters, this plan is designed to turn heads.
With customization, the Shenandoah may turnkey at more or less taking into consideration a client’s build location, build site conditions, and design modifications.
Planning for outdoor spaces early on will help you maximize living space – and the enjoyment of your log home. After viewing the Chaumont design, discover more than 100 design variations at the Log Home Plans Gallery. Learn more about this log home turnkey cost estimating service provided to PrecisionCraft’s clients. But you will find certain features in each plan that inspire you, that make you rethink your own log home vision.

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