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How to Build Under-stair Basement Storage Shelves - Adding Extra Storage Space - Built-ins, Shelves & Bookcases. The design shown here gives you storage spaces of different sizes, including a tall narrow box for items such as brooms or skis. The boxes shown fit under a staircase with a 45-degree pitch: For every 12 inches the stairs rise, they run (travel horizontally) 12 inches. If your stair slope is more gradual, your boxes will need to be wider to fit; more steep and the boxes will be narrower. When joining the top and bottom of the long box to the sides, put wax paper under the joint to keep glue squeeze-out off your bench. For those with limited room for lumber storage, there might be some great storage space hiding right in front of your eyes.

Put all that square footage under a set of stairs to use as a closet.  Just as important as the space to store belonging is ease of access. Floor-to-ceiling bookcases across an entire wall is the dream of many book lovers, as well as a smart way to get maximum storage while using up minimal living space.  In the example shown above, the desire for more book space was answered by Mosby designers with built-in bookcases lining three walls of a home office, customized shelving heights and cabinet doors to match the homeowners needs.
A Christmas tree collection brings about very special storage needs for such large objects.  As part of a basement remodel, Mosby Building Arts planners configured space within an exercise room purposely designed to house trees.  Behind a pair of sliding doors is a spacious Tree Closet! Tags: customized closets, home storage, how to get more storage, mosby building arts, scott mosby, shower storage, st.
The boxes are so quick and easy to build that you'll have no trouble adapting them to your storage needs as well as to the size and pitch of the space under your stairs.
In order to squeeze as much storage as possible into your limited shop space, how about building lumber rack under the basement stairs.

A good idea here is to not attach them permanently in case you need to remove them for alternative storage later. In the example above, Mosby designers created a unique set of folding doors that expose the entire contents under the basement stairs.
Along with these common solutions, let’s consider what other options might maximize storage potential. Quick and easy storage which saves space and keeps your clamps within reach but never in the way.

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