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Storm and screen windows made with wood frames may seem old-fashioned, but they can last many decades and seal effectively if properly maintained.
11.  Once the glue has dried, use little tack nails to secure the wood strips to the sides of the frame, thereby ensuring that your screen is held in well. Since the screen is an issue and hard to attach safely, try the plastic mesh they sell for quickstich. HOW SMART YOU ARE to lay out all your baubles to see how you want to organize and do the project! Our main floor bathroom has a window that sits high up (no one can see in and the view out is of the treetops). I started with creating a frame for my window using the 1×3 boards, corner brackets, Gorilla Glue, wood filler and paint. Cut screen to fit inside the wooden frame with enough room to fold under borders and to staple to the back side of the frame.

This entry was posted in Art, Crafts, Decorating, Home Accents, home decor, Lowe's Creative Ideas, Roeshel's Projects, Trim, windows and tagged ad, art, DIY, Lowescreator, window by Roeshel. Often you will find built-up and perhaps peeling paint on the old wood storms and the frames or exterior moldings into which they fit. To add weatherstripping that can make wood storms serious protection against cold-air infiltration. Secure the joint with a long bar clamp or a pipe clamp to make sure it will go back together tightly; you may need to scrape out debris and built-up paint. I was just wondering if you could send me a close-up pic with the earrings on the screen part so I can have a better look please.
I just need to know what the dimensions are on your frame to get an idea of how big to make it. If you are unable to duplicate the joints you see in the old storms, contact a local woodworker or lumberyard, who may be able to build them.

Remove enough so the window fits snugly, then remove some more to allow for the paint's thickness. You may not be able to find an exact match for old screen mold, but you can probably find a pretty close substitute.
Working from the center toward the ends, staple the screening to the wood, pulling it taut as you go. We have a local store that sells salvaged supplies such as doors, windows, etc incredibly cheap.

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