Build your own canoe paddle, woodworking pics - Reviews

Categories: Wooden Park Bench Plans | Author: admin 21.03.2014

Movember, the month when mere mortals try and emulate the follicular fortitude of the facial hair greats: Sam Elliott, Theodore Roosevelt, and our very own Mr. If you missed the first post about this project, you can find it here When we left off, Lee and Krys were cutting dados in the edges of these giant triangles to receive splines for the circular glue up.
About a year ago,  back when the winters were cold, a friend of ours gutted an old guitar factory wherein to build himself a humble home.

And he’s here making some small scale canoe paddles which will be given away to a few lucky customers. If you haven’t gone yet, get yourself to San Francisco this summer and visit the new Exploratorium!

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