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But then I thought, you maybe don't have a Momplex needing siding and decks put on, and maybe you would want to build and enjoy some chaise lounges this summer. We really wanted to make these chaise lounges very affordable, so they are 24" wide to conserve wood - made of 1x3s which tend to be significantly cheaper than their slightly larger buddies, 1x4s. Of course we have the plans right here for you - but please, take a second and stop over and read Brook's post on building these lounge chairs and her tips and tricks!
Hi Mark - I asked Brook to place the notches where she felt they would be most comfortable to you. From someone whose big accomplishment this year was learning how to use a dremmel to build a pinewood derby car (cute but not fast), I have a few layman questions . Thank youI love this site and if I can pull this off, I think I will double major in mommying and wood shop and build lots more stuff!

We already have plans for a single lounger here, and they have been officially hacked by a reader!  But for the double lounger, I wanted to share a different style because it would be easy to modify either of these plans for different sizes.  So you could easily make this one a single . Ana, I don't know how many men use your plans but you motivated me to build my own Pottery Barn Chesapeake Double Chaise. I can't believe I'm about to write this, but we are going to have too much furniture the way we are building!
I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but from the website, here are the dimensions of the double chaise cushions. Thread one bolt through a washer, slide the bolt through the whole on the outside rail, add one more washer, add the back of the chair, add another washer and then the nut on the end. I don't know how to create plans, but anyone who likes this piece should know it's easy to build and it's sooooo comfortable.

If you're really concerned, you might want to tweek the legs or the support with beefier wood like 2x4.
Thank you Ana it was a great project and 3 of my 6 sisters have already purchased wood to build this for themselves.

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